Jared White

No sex in school

People with common sense can deduce that humans fell into their roles because of the human instinct for survival. Evolution or god, whatever you want to believe, gave men and women natural biological abilities and instincts with which to use these abilities. This is why when men were building and leading a medieval society in England, men were also building and leading a society in feudal Japan. Simply put, men were given the natural physical strength, ability, and aggressive nature needed to do these things. Were there weak, lazy, unmotivated men in these times? Yes no one denies that but if you can show me a civilization built primarily by female labor, defended primarily by female warriors, and technologically advanced primarily by female inventions then I’ll buy your poorly written comic book for a dollar.

Feminism at its core

As with every movement there are certain values that make up feminism’s core. The beliefs that those who created the movement hold and expect all who join to follow. Almost everyone I know within the MRM knows what the core beliefs of feminism are but this message is not for MRAs. This message is for the average, unaffiliated men and women who happen to read this article. This message is for the good, bad, moderate, radical, anti-this, and pro-that feminists who actually accept that there is misandry within their movement but refuse to believe that misandry is large enough to deserve resistance. Here are the core values of the feminist movement and the irrefutable proof that the hatred of men is not only exclusive to many of the members of the feminist movement but is indeed the very essence and foundation of the movement itself.