Agency is the notion that a person has control over and responsibility for their own actions. Society tends to emphasise the agency of men and deny the agency of women.

Ally is a term used to refer to men who are allied with the feminist movement. This usually comes about due to some feminist groups refusing to accept men as members. Some feminist groups even reject men as allies. Sometimes feminists erroneously apply their terminology to women in the men’s rights movement. Women in the men’s rights movement are not referred to as allies. Both men and women can be men’s rights activists. See also Honey badger.

Anti-feminism is a broad movement that opposes feminism. Anti-feminists oppose feminism from many different standpoints but can be broadly divided into two categories. Traditional gynocentrists who seek a return to a gynocentric past in which men lived a life of service to women and others such as MRAs who seek a future that is different to both the gynocentric past and society that feminism has forced on the world.

The Apex Fallacy is an informal fallacy in which people judge a group by its most visible and successful members. Many feminists object to men dominating in politics or among the richest and most powerful people. They rarely if ever mention that men dominate among the incarcerated and homeless as well.

Baby Trapping is a phenomenon where women deliberately become pregnant without the consent of the father of the child in order to gain or retain a relationship with the father.

Black Pill is a term used by some who consider themselves to have moved beyond the red pill. Proponents of the black pill often have a nihilistic outlook as they argue nothing can be done to address misandry and other problems in society.

Bleeders is a term used by some feminists to refer to biological women.

Bio-gynocentrism refers to a perspective which assumes a higher evolutionary value of women whose biological survival is said to represent the overarching goal of human motivation, thus necessitating disposability of males in the service of this goal.

Clown World is a reference to the bizarre state of the modern world in which feminists and the woke act in a manner that would have been unthinkable a few decades ago.

Critical Theory is a philosophy that aims to break down and reshape society in accordance with certain ideological aims. Critical theory is today closely tied to feminism, identity politics and post-modernism.

Critical Gender Theory is the component of critical theory focused on gender and gender relations.

Critical Race Theory is the component of critical theory focused on race and relations between different ethnic groups.

A Crybully is a person, often a social justice warrior, that self-righteously bullies and abuses others and then cries, figuratively or literally, when confronted about their behaviour.

Cuck is a pejorative term used in the manosphere to suggest that a man has been cuckolded, figuratively or literally.

Damseling is a behaviour exhibited principally by young and attractive women. The women will cry for help and play the victim. White knights then step up to defend the women.

DARVO is an acronym short for Deny, Attack, and Reverse Victim and Offender. This is a strategy widely employed by feminists.

Doxing is the act of discovering and publishing personal details about a person online when the person took steps to prevent those details from being published. Prominent MRAs and anti-feminists are routinely doxed.

Equity is a term now being used by feminists in preference to equality. This represents public recognition among feminists that equality was never their aim.

A Femcel is a female involuntary celibate. The term is a contraction of female and incel

Feminism is a female supremacist movement. Feminism is today closely tied to critical theory, identity politics and post-modernism.

Feminist superposition refers to the tendency for feminists to be in many states simultaneously. Feminists will simultaneously argue that women are strong and that women are perpetual victims. The term parodies the term superposition used in quantum mechanics.

The Frontman Fallacy is the mistaken belief that people, especially men, who are in positions of authority in democratic systems use their power mainly to benefit people like themselves. Similar to the later apex fallacy.

Go Back to the Plantation is a metaphor that implies that shaming men in to traditional gynocentric behaviour is akin to forcing slaves back on to a plantation.

Going Galt means to withdraw from and minimise one’s contribution to society. Many MGTOW and some MRAs have gone Galt in response to widespread misandry in Western society. The term is a reference to the character of John Galt in Ayn Rand’s novel Atlas Shrugged.

Gynarchy refers to government by women, or to women-centered government staffed by male functionaries.

Gynocentrism refers to a dominant focus on women’s needs and wants relative to men’s needs and wants. This can happen in the context of academic research, institutional policies, cultural conventions, and in gendered relationships.

Gyneolatry refers to an excessive adoration and/or devotion to women. Gyneolatry is sometimes referred to by alternative terms such as chivalry, benevolent sexism, gynocentrism, pussy worshiping, simping, cuckoldry, sycophancy, woman worship, or profeminism.

Gynomyopia/gynomyopic Any narrow-minded gynocentric perspective that excludes considerations of male perspectives and experiences.

Gynosympathy denotes special or exaggerated sympathy for women and girls.

A Honey badger is a female men’s rights activist that is very active in the movement. While there is no offical list, there is general consensus of the women who hold the title of honey badger.

Hover Hands is a term used to mock or deride men when they refrain from touching women they are in close proximity to due to concerns about possible false allegations.

Human Doing refers to the tendency for men to be valued and viewed in relation to their utility rather than their intrinsic value as a human. This term is a pun on the conventional term human being.

Hypergamy is an observed characteristic in which women seek to pair bond with men of higher social and economic status.

Hypoagency is the rejection or minimisation of responsibility for the choices that a person makes. Western society tends to engage in hypoagency towards women.

Identitarians are adherents to identity politics. This should not be confused with the older identitarian movement which is unrelated.

Identity Politics, or more recently idpol, is an ideology in which people are categorized on the basis of characteristics that are often readily identifiable. Characteristics often include gender, race, gender identity or sexuality. While identity politics often uses terminology such as diversity it is really talking about a coarse form of diversity based on physical characteristics and ignores important forms of diversity such as diversity of thought. Identity politics is inherently exclusionary and intolerant even as it uses the language of inclusion and tolerance.

The term Incel is a contraction of the words involuntary and celibate. Incel is often used pejoratively. In reality many incels have physical and mental health issues that impact their ability to attract long-term partners and sustain romantic relationships.

Intactivists reject the genital cutting of children. Virtually all MRAs are intactivists.

Invisible jobs are the many jobs necessary to maintain an industrialised society. Sometimes they are low status or low paying but they are always important. Invisible jobs are overwhelmingly done by men. As the name suggests these jobs and the men who perform them are rarely thought of by the wider community.

Legal parental surrender is a proposal to match abortion rights available to women in a given jurisdiction with men having an equivalent right to sever parental rights and responsibilities.

Male Disposability is the notion that men and boys should surrender their life for the greater good of the community and in particular to facilitate the survival of women and girls.

The Male Gaze is a reference to women being allegedly intimated when men look at them.

A Man is an adult male human.

Mangina is a pejorative term used in the manosphere to refer to men who are easily led by women.

Manspreading is a term used to shame men for allegedly taking up a disproportionately large amount of space when sitting, particularly on public transport.

Men Going Their Own Way (MGTOW) refers to men committed to self-determination, and to voluntarism within relationships.

Men’s Rights Activists, or alternatively men’s rights advocates, (MRAs) embrace the core objectives of the men’s rights movement.

The Manosphere is a broad term applied to a variety of movements involving men or focused on men’s issues. In general participants in the various movements agree on the problems facing men and boys but disagree on how, or even if, they should be addressed. The manosphere does not include all groups that recognise the issues facing men and boys since even a small minority of feminists recognise the issues.

NAFALT is an acronym short for Not All Feminists Are Like That. The terms is generally used in response to a feminist claiming she’s not like that.

Neoteny is the retention of juvenile features in adulthood. In humans females show significantly greater neoteny than males. The more attractive a woman is the greater neoteny she will generally have.

Peak Crazy is a hypothetical limit to the craziness seen in clown world and is derived from the term ‘peak oil’. At the present time no limit to the craziness seen in clown world has been observed.

Pickup Artists (PUAs) are part of a movement that seeks to have regular sex with a wide variety of women. PUAs are generally considered to be part of the manosphere. Many PUAs agree with MRAs and MGTOW about the issues facing men and boys and are anti-feminist.

Proxy Violence is a common phenomenon in which a person incites others to commit a violent act against another on their behalf. It is common for women to use proxy violence to harm men. Typically other men will heed the call of the woman to harm the male victim. Women will generally make claims, false or otherwise, against the intended male victim and other men will respond with violence against the victim without seeking any proof of the woman’s claims. In these case the proxy violence is classified as male on male violence even though it was instigated by women. Women inciting the proxy violence avoid personal risk of injury and often entirely avoid punishment.

The Pussy Pass refers to a tendency for both men and women to treat women more leniently than men. This is closely related to the well established tendencies for both men and women to have more empathy for women, to have a tendency to believe women over men and to view women more favourably than men. The pussy pass is a result of gynocentrism.

RASCAL is an acronym short for Racist Authoritarian Sneaky Cunts And Liars. It is a reference to progressives in the current era.

The Red Pill is a reference to accepting harsh reality over a safer and more pleasant fantasy. When people first start to accept the arguments of men’s rights they are said to be taking the red pill.

Red Pill Rage is a widely observed phenomenon of people becoming angry after taking the red pill. Red pill rage can last from months to years. Anger is a legitimate response to injustice.

A Regret Mom is a mother that previously arranged for her son(s) to be circumcised but now deeply regrets this decision. Many regret moms go on to become intactivists. This term is predominantly used in the United States.

Shebagging means taking up an extra seat in a public transport by giving it to a bag. This term was developed as a result to feminist accusations of manspreading.

Simp is a pejorative term used in the manosphere to refer to men who will throw other men under the bus for female approval. The accusation is often levelled at male feminists.

SJW is a perjorative acronym short for Social Justice Warrior. SJWs are individuals that typically engage in long emotional rants on woke topic. SJWs are well known for being highly intolerant of alternative viewpoints, which is particularly ironic given that they normally claim to be coming from a place of tolerance.

Spurgling is a practice by which a woman uses sperm to impregnate herself when the man provided no consent for his sperm to be used for impregnation. Documented cases including women removing sperm from condoms and from their own cheeks and impregnating themselves.

Success object is a term coined by Warren Farrell. Whereas women may be sex objects, men are more likely to be success objects – sought after because of their wealth rather than sexual characteristics. This can be seen as an expression of hypergamy.

The Swedish Model, also known as the Nordic model, is a method of dealing with prostitution in which the purchase of sex is made illegal while the selling of one’s own body for sex is legal. This approach overwhelmingly results in men being charged with prostitution offences.

THOT is an acronym short for That Hoe Over There. This pejorative term is used by some for women who have rejected stable relationships in favour of casual sex. In general, when used in the manosphere the implication is that women have the best chance of attracting a permanent male partner in their early adult life and THOTs squander this opportunity.

The Victorian Fallacy describes the tendency of large proportions of western civilisation to equate the notion of history with the Victorian era. This generally results in history being perceived as more prudish and restrictive than it really was.

Virtue Signalling is a pejorative neologism for the expression of a disingenuous moral viewpoint with the intent of communicating good character. Virtue signalling may be thought of as a form of moral grandstanding.

White Knight is a pejorative term used in the manosphere to refer to men who defend women against other men. The latter results in proxy violence. This is generally seen as the white knight seeking female approval. The behaviour of white knights varies from men who automatically back women in discussions and arguments all the way to men who are physically violent to other men if they perceive that a woman is in danger. White knights generally avoid conflict between women.

A Woman is an adult female human.

Zeta Male refers to a perspective and way of ‘being male‘ that positions itself outside of the usual hierarchical model of masculinity based on alpha male (top), beta male (second) and omega male (lowest). Unlike the foregoing, the Zeta Male’s orientation is not based on a hierarchical classification of men as valued by women. The zeta male also remains open to social engagement and to relationships, instead of social withdrawal which is often the preferred path of self-identified MGTOW.

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