When “good” feminists do nothing

Wendy McElroy; Warren Farrell; Erin Pizzey; Christina Hoff Sommers.

These are the names of people who are among a very small minority of individuals associated with feminism that truly care about the discrimination both men and women face within western societies. If you were to mention these names to the majority of mainstream feminists, “right wing-nut,” “anti-woman,” or “who are they?” would most likely be the response you receive. You see, to mainstream feminism, which is made up of both “radical” and “moderate” feminists, anyone who dares to place even the smallest hint of blame on the feminist movement for the discrimination men face is a misogynist by default, even feminists.

Not too long ago I wrote an article listing the core beliefs of the feminist movement. These core beliefs are of course misandric as they all blame and demonize the male half of the population for whatever problems women face. Everything listed in that article is the motivation behind most of the things done by the feminist movement. Every law and policy that strips men of their civil freedoms is justified by the theories and bigotry created by feminism. The most elusive of these theories; Patriarchy, is an ever-changing, ever-evolving mesh of hate and bigotry that has shared many different definitions. The reasoning behind these changes is the focus of this article; “good” feminists. To start, I will list a fact most good feminists would like you to ignore.

Most forms of feminism characterize patriarchy as an unjust social system that is oppressive to women. As feminist and political theorist Carole Pateman writes, “The patriarchal construction of the difference between masculinity and femininity is the political difference between freedom and subjection.” In feminist theory the concept of patriarchy often includes all the social mechanisms that reproduce and exert male dominance over women. Feminist theory typically characterizes patriarchy as a social construction, which can be overcome by revealing and critically analyzing its manifestations.

Feminists twisted the definition of patriarchy from the simple meaning of a society in which families share a husband and father’s last name and property to a society in which women are an oppressed class and slaves to men. “Good” feminists will deny this. Not because it is a lie. It’s  an irrefutable truth. No, they will deny it because it shines a bad light on feminism. They will tell you the most current meaning that some “moderate” feminists are using. They will tell you that patriarchy doesn’t mean men are oppressors; patriarchy is a class system in which women are on the bottom. To be honest, I don’t see the difference.

Because there isn’t one.

“Good” feminists will tell you that just because women are on the bottom of this patriarchal class system, it doesn’t mean that men don’t suffer too. This is where the “good feminists” either don’t get it or hope that you don’t get it. Claiming that western societies are built on class systems where all men are automatically above all women is the same bigotry as claiming men are the oppressive overlords of women. Claiming that western societies are patriarchal because men have privileges while ignoring or denying the privileges women have is the same bigotry as claiming men are oppressive overlords.

Women. Are. Not. Fucking. Oppressed.

There are two laws in the United States that allow men to do things that women cannot. One is walking the streets topless and the other is being granted the “privilege” of being given a job where the objective is to either kill an opposing force or die on a battlefield.

They. Were. Never. Fucking. Oppressed.

Most “good” feminists, the ones I have spoken with at least, would agree with my above statement. That’s where the agreements usually end. Recently, “moderate” feminist websites and articles have sprung up attempting to put out a different kind of message than the usual “men are bad” that has been the tagline associated with feminism for decades. Now feminists suddenly care about the discrimination millions of men have suffered through for decades. Well actually, they don’t. These new blogs and articles do the same things the bigots that marched through the streets forty years ago holding “men are pigs” signs did.

Honestly, I’d prefer someone to tell me they hate me to my face instead of dressing it up in backwards theories. You will notice that the only place most “good feminists” can be found is the Internet. They aren’t marching through the streets holding “VAWA-reform” signs or at the doors of domestic violence organizations demanding men be given equal advocacy and help. No. “Good feminists” are online commenting on MRA blogs and websites urging everyone there not to blame feminism for any of the legal discrimination men face in western societies.

According to “good” feminists we should forget about the feminist run domestic violence organizations in California and West Virginia that actively denied all male victims of abuse help, falsified DV statistics, and ran a PSA ad campaign which only featured male perpetrators and female victims. We shouldn’t blame feminism for that. No, those feminists were “radicals” and it was an isolated incident.

Of course we would have to also ignore the National Organization for Women, who continually put out the message that domestic violence is a gendered crime that mostly women suffer. We shouldn’t blame feminism for that bigotry, even though N.O.W is the largest feminist organization in North America. All of them are just “radicals” and feminism as a movement is in no way the cause of any of the bigoted laws or policies (VAWA) created by them, right?

Let’s move on to colleges. A new standard has swept North America in which college men, and only college men have been stripped of their right to be considered innocent until proven guilty. Before this most recent act of bigotry against men hit colleges another disgusting practice had already been implemented where all male college freshmen and only male college freshmen are required to attend an anti-rape course where they are treated as potential rapists. If they refuse they can say goodbye to their academic future. None of this is because of the constant rape hysteria people are bombarded with from feminism, according to “good” feminists. In fact, feminists who attend or are associated with colleges are all of the “third wave” variety. You know, the “sex positive” “moderate feminists” of the new millennium. They would never stand for any bigotry against either gender. That is, unless those who are among the gender with penises decide to make a group dedicated to male issues. Then the “moderate” feminists will have a problem.

Pointing out feminist bigotry is useless with feminists of any variety. Your response from a “radical” will be fuck off, your response from a “moderate” will be “you don’t understand feminism,” and your response from a “good feminist” will be “none of the feminists I know are like that.”

Why is any of this important? Because while the Men’s Rights Movement wasn’t born on the Internet, it is the Internet that allowed those who wish to end feminist bigotry a chance to spread their message worldwide and uncensored. Can anyone think of, or more importantly, find a newspaper article or television PSA that acknowledges the fact that men are not the only rapists and domestic abusers on planet Earth, before the year 2000? Can anyone find one today?

Without the Internet, most of the world would be ignorant to the fact that the feminist claim about 1 and 4 women being raped is a fabrication. A fabrication used to garner government money with which to fund a hate campaign against men.

The Internet is not where the resistance to feminist bigotry began, but it is where that resistance continues to grow because every time a feminist steps in front of a news camera and makes a blatantly false claim about domestic violence, such as 90% of it being committed by men, hundreds of websites around the world will light up with the truth. Every day, more and more men and women read these websites and every day, more and more men and women realize that feminism does indeed deserve the blame all of those “angry ex-husbands” from the “abusers lobby” have placed on it. That is why all of these feminist blogs are suddenly popping up with the claim of caring about male issues.

They are attempting to place a smokescreen in front of the association the feminist movement has with the discrimination against men. They are attempting to prevent the growing anger the people of western societies hold because of male suffering from being directed towards feminism. But they won’t ever cross the line of calling out feminist bigotry because if they do their names within mainstream feminist communities will fade into obscurity and only be mentioned in reference to “anti-woman” rants. This is why their attempts will fail.

It is important that those who run these MRA websites do not falter to the growing invasion of “good” feminists who are in no way good. It is possible to have a discussion about male issues and propose positive solutions to these issues without ever mentioning feminism. This is something I have never denied because it is the truth. However, it is fucking impossible to have a discussion about all male issues without mentioning feminism because feminism is the direct and indirect cause of several issues men face in western societies today. So if you create a “feminist friendly” website about male issues and don’t want to have anyone call out feminism for its part in the problems men face then I suggest you limit your topics to circumcision and selective service and have at it.

That is the only way you will appease your “good” feminist friends because the moment false rape allegations, VAWA, the sentencing disparity between male and female criminals, the wage gap lie, affirmative action, the lowered standards some jobs incorporate to fill female quotas, paternity fraud, family court, or forced child support is mentioned, your “good” feminist friends will go into defensive mode. They will attempt to explain away the bigotry feminism, not “radicals” or “moderates” but feminism has caused. They will tell you your “feminist friendly” website about male issues is becoming “abusive.” They will tell you that your language is becoming misogynistic. They will be offended by how everything you say is anti-feminist, which in a lot of feminist minds is equal to anti-woman. Voicing the truth about how women can roundhouse kick their husbands/boyfriends in the side of the head and not receive any punishment and instead have their husbands/boyfriends arrested because of the feminist created VAWA will be categorized as “blaming women” for men’s problems. Voicing the truth about how false rape allegations are a growing epidemic will put you in the category of “rape apologists.”

Speaking of false rape allegations, as shown in the second link I placed in this article, feminists (moderate/radical/good/whatever) don’t feel that false rape allegations are a real problem. Either it isn’t an epidemic or it is in no way as bad or important as rape. To quote the author of the article I linked to, it just “sucks.” In any case, false accusers should never receive harsher punishments, according to “moderate feminists.”

Not too long ago it was legal to execute men accused of rape and today it is socially accepted to murder men accused of rape.

Men have been murdered and had their accusers later recant the lie that ended their lives out of guilt. I really don’t see how anyone can make light of a crime that leads to years of imprisonment, rape, abuse, beatings, and oh yeah, murder and claim to be in support of egalitarianism. I guess it’s because I don’t think like a feminist.

Speaking of egalitarianism, there is a new movement on the rise. The walk on wall street. Care to guess what the “third wave moderate” feminist element of that group is advocating? If you guessed bigotry on the highest scale then you would be correct because “It’s cool to think that racism and sexism are OK when we do them” according to “moderate” feminists.

Feminists, real world feminists, not Internet trolls, have ruined the lives of millions of men. They propose, create, and support bigoted policies like the ones overtaking North American colleges. They propagate that domestic violence is a gendered crime that only women suffer. They create PSAs that depict only men as abusers of women and children. They falsify and misrepresent statistics in order to garner funds from their government. They use their positions of authority within the law to conduct witch hunts on men accused of rape. They advocate that men should have no voice against any mutual discrimination both men and women face because men are too privileged by our “patriarchal society.” They propagated a girl crisis and claimed that our “patriarchal society” was the reason girls could not excel in school. They used this lie to reform western school systems where masculine behavior in boys, and only in boys, is discouraged and now when boys are in crisis, these feminists claim that it is because girls are just naturally better than boys academically.

And where are the “good” feminists? I’ll tell you where they are. They are busy telling you to stop focusing your blame on feminism. While it is true that not every individual feminist was actively involved in the hateful acts I listed above that doesn’t take away from the fact that the feminist movement is a major part of the reason why these things were allowed to happen and all of the “good feminists” who want to turn the public focus away from that fact are in my view worse than the radical feminist womyn who are at least up front about their hateful beliefs and intentions.

In my most recent article I stated that there can be no common ground between the Men’s Rights Movement and Feminism until feminists will acknowledge that feminism has created and spread legal discrimination against men throughout western societies and then advocate against it. Not with one obscure non-misandric blog article out of hundreds of misandric articles but with PSAs and real world activism on par with what Fathers and Families and S.A.V.E does. I’m still waiting.

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