Down and Dirty

My regular light rail travels regularly take me past a mural that depicts a plumber standing tall above a crowd of people with planet earth in the background.  The picture is captioned “The plumber protects the health of the nation.” Now I have heard any number of stories about what is or is not in …

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Feminists are experts at revising history. Well, as far as expertise goes when it goes unchallenged. That does not sit well with Greg Canning, a man Down Under whose sense of history is deep and highly personal, as well as accurate.

A Letter to Washington Post About The Gender Empathy Gap

I sent the following open letter to Washington Post Columnist Janay Kingsberry to allow for her to respond before I submitted this to A Voice for Men. Unsurprisingly, she didn’t reply. ___________________________ Dear Ms. Kingsberry, I respectfully ask that you take the time to read this letter in its entirety and to thoughtfully consider what …

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A 1975 Deep Dive

The wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald was immortalized in a song, reminiscent of an old sea shanty, written and performed by Canadian folk singer Gordon Lightfoot.  He based his song on “The Cruelest Month,” an article in Newsweek magazine that appeared soon after the  November 10, 1975 disaster, and recorded the song in December.  A …

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