We received a lot of correspondence. We’re often asked the same questions over and over, so we’re releasing an FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) for the first time.

Q1: Are women really paid less for the same work?

A1: No. The gender wage gap has been repeatedly shown to be a myth. There is a gender earnings gap and we know exactly what causes it. It isn’t discrimination.

Q2: Do women really do more work?

A2: No. OECD data clearly shows that when time in paid and unpaid work are added together gender differences largely disappear in most nations. It’s worth noting that this data does not include commuting which would add more time for men than women.

Q3: Is the MRM conservative?

A3: No. MRAs, and the AVfM team in particular, come from across the political spectrum. Most MRAs eventually reject both sides of politics as they are both gynocentric.

Q4: Is the MRM white supremacist?

A4: Clearly not. Western & Indian MRAs routinely work together and support each other. ICMI23 took place in Pune, India. Robert Brockway spoke at the event. Further, AVfM maintains connections to like-minded people around the world.

Q5: Is the MRM a gateway to white supremacy?

A5: No. How would you even measure that?

Q6: Do you support Andrew Tate?

A6: No, he’s a tradgyn.

Q7: Do you support Jordan Peterson?

A7: No, he’s a tradgyn.

Q8: Are men oppressed in Western countries?

A8: No, neither men nor women are an oppressed class in Western countries. Men, however, have serious issues that need to be addressed. Women have few issues in Western nations. Women in developing nations have issues that need to be addressed but feminists largely ignore these, preferring to focus on trivialities in the West.

Q9: How can you endorse legal parental surrender when you also recognise the importance of fathers in children’s lives?

A9: Not all issues are equally important. Research clearly demonstrates the important role that fathers play in the lives of children. This, though, cannot justify infringing the rights of the individual. A man needs to have comparable reproductive rights to a woman. Individual rights must trump societal need. This is entirely consistent with our focus on individual rights and responsibilities.

A similar argument can be made for mandatory paternity testing. The manner in which countries such as France restrict access to paternity tests in order, in their own words, to keep the family together is nothing short of state sponsored paternity fraud.

We want a society where families stay together but we oppose the use of the law, coercion or deception to make this happen.

Q10: You oppose routine infant circumcision. Are you anti-semitic?

A10: No. Many people who are woke are anti-semitic. The anti-Israel Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) movement is closely tied to other woke groups. Don’t believe us? Ask the woke if they believe that Israel has a right to exist inside the borders it had on 4 June 1967. If they say ‘no’ then they want to sweep Israel from the map while chanting from the river to the sea.

We will however criticise Israel where appropriate, such as in the case of No Exit Orders.

Q11: Do people really ask you these questions?

A11: No. People constantly raise these topics with us but they normally come in the form of accusations. Frequently Made Accusations doesn’t have the same ring to it, though.

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