Video Update: Darcus Howe on the London Riots

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The audio of this video was featured on The August 9 Episode of AVFM radio.

Journalist Darcus Howe speaks to the BBC on the social climate and causes of the London riots. The female BBC interviewer tries at several points during Mr. Howe’s explanation to interrupt him, claiming he endorses mob violence, and later claiming he’s a rioter. In fact, she perfectly illustrates the willfully ignorant mentality which led to the riots in the first place. Even as he explained the problem, she’s clinging desperately to a dishonest and obsolete view in which people riot not because they’re marginalized, brutalized by an increasing police state, and disenfranchised; no, they’re just “bad people”. What an idiot.

Quoting Mr. Howe: “Our political leaders had no idea, the police had no idea. But if you looked at young blacks and young whites with a discerning eye and a careful hearing, they have been telling us, and we would not listen, to what is happening in this country to them.”

The Washington Post published a short piece on this interview which substantially illustrates the wilful ignorance and stupidity which a major fraction of the mainstream media seem to be following. From here.



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