And then they fight us…

I put off writing this article for a while, for a variety of reasons. One of those reasons being my getting adjusted to the timeframe of my new job. Now that I’m settled in and justifiably annoyed by the recent events of the past few weeks, I feel now is the perfect time to put out this declaration of resistance.

Six days ago I wrote an article in response to a blatant act of misandric bigotry involving two moderators from the subreddit r/feminism. A man who frequented that subreddit decided to display his opinion about the Hugo Schwyzer paternity fraud incident and was told his opinions were not liked. When he asked why, the moderator, yellowmix, told him that his opinions were not welcome because he is a man.[quote float=”right”]This man was told that because he is male, his views were not welcome[/quote]

This is not an exaggeration.This man was told that because he is male, his views were not welcome within that particular feminist space.  Shortly after that another r/feminism’s moderator came out in support of yellowmix’s bigotry.I elaborate more on this and other instances of feminist bigotry in the article I linked to but suffice it to say, news of this misandry spread across the internet like wildfire. The most ironic part of the incident is the man who had his comments deleted and his voice silenced was a male feminist.

A few days later after more and more people sympathetic to feminism were drawn toward anti-feminism because of this incident a group of feminists took it upon themselves to create a new subreddit entitled r/againstmensrights. I shit you not.

The reddit has less than one hundred members but it is steadily growing and if you frequent the men’s rights reddit you probably have already received a message stating that you are banned from againstmensrights, regardless of whether you are an MRA or not. The sole purpose of this reddit is to spread lies about MRAs, ban MRAs, and use any comments or posts made by anyone within any men’s rights reddit as “proof” that all MRAs are misogynists.

As I’m sure everyone here at AVfM knows by now, the radio show was pulled from BTR without any explanation. This was expected by many, including myself and I expect things to get a lot worse. The reason I expect things to get worse is simple.

We will soon be at the turn of the tide.

What happened on reddit was just a small taste of things to come, an extremely small taste of things to come. Among the reasons r/againstmensrights was created, there is one main one; shock. Feminists are shocked that they can no longer declare men are pigs to a crowd of people and not receive a word of protest. Feminists are shocked that when they claim one in four or one in five or one in six women are raped every year, people ask them to prove it. Feminists are shocked that people no longer view domestic violence as only a man hitting a woman. Feminists are shocked because people are becoming infuriated by the sickening domestic violence propaganda being put out that features small boys smiling with messages insinuating they will grow up to be wife beaters.

This shock, however, is only a small pin prick through the heart of an enormous misandric machine that has made discrimination against men law within all western nations. This machine is powerful enough to put the idea of shutting down female prisons on the political table. This machine is powerful enough to let female murderers walk free because of claims of abuse. This machine is powerful enough to have any man that says something feminists don’t like fired while having women who joke about a man’s penis being cut off celebrated.

[quote style=”boxed”]This misandric machine is powerful but it is not invulnerable.[/quote]

We have proven that it is not invulnerable. Men like Kevin Driscoll and Vladek Filler have proven that it is not invulnerable. Organizations like S.A.V.E. and Fathers and Families have proven that it is not invulnerable. Websites like A Voice for Men, The False Rape society, and The Spearhead have proven that it is not invulnerable.

[quote style=”boxed”]This misandric machine is not invulnerable; it’s a fucking target.[/quote]

But so are we. Several MRAs have already become targets but the MRM as a whole has yet to hit the mainstream in a large way. All of that is about to change. Register-Her will soon be launched to thousands of media outlets. AVfM radio has already been hitting the right nerves or it would not have been temporarily shut down, and soon this website will be upgraded to the most fearsome website dedicated to ending male discrimination on the internet.

They are going to fight us.

It has already begun and it is not going to slow down. It’s going to heat up. Feminism has money on its side. Feminists have been falsifying facts and propagating how evil men are for decades, in order to line their pockets. The white knight infested government has bent over backwards for these misandrists, funneling enough money into their anti-male organizations to rival the national debt. They have the money and the government on their side. So when they point, some of us are going to fall. But we will stand back up and keep moving forward. They can shut down a radio station and two more will pop up in its place. They can shut down a website and five more will spring up around the internet. They can lock one of us up and thousands will rally in support on and offline. They cannot stop anti-feminists because we have the truth on our side. They cannot stop the MRM because it isn’t only MRAs advocating for an end to feminist bigotry.

For those of you who haven’t read the articles I wrote for Mens News Daily, none of you know my name. Many anti-feminists hide their names online because sometimes worst things than radio shows being pulled happens to those who speak out against the current political power. Well I’m not one of those anti-feminists. I’ve been shot at, knifed across the arm, and blown up.

[quote style=”boxed”]These bigots ain’t shit to me.[/quote]

My name is Jared White.  I’m a humanist against feminism allied with the Men’s Rights Movement. As long as any legal system on this Earth is infested with discriminatory laws against men created and/or supported by feminism I will speak out against that system until those laws are abolished.

I will not be alone in this endeavor as my allies are many and their courage is as great as mine, if not greater. First you ignored us, then you laughed at us, now you fight us, and we will win. Try and fucking stop us.

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