A Voice for Men has the following objectives. A Voice for Men further asserts that these are core objectives of the entire men’s rights movement.

  • To eliminate gynocentrism and male disposability
  • To resolve certain issues facing men and boys
  • To achieve equality of opportunity for all
  • To oppose enforcement of gender roles

These objectives are ordered with those higher in the list having greater priority than those lower.

Gynocentrism refers to a dominant or exclusive focus on women in theory or practice; or to the advocacy of this. Anything can be considered gynocentric when it is concerned exclusively with a female point of view. Gynocentrists can be feminist or non-feminist. Further information is available here.

Male disposability is the notion that men and boys should surrender their life for the greater good of the community and in particular to facilitate the survival of women and girls. The MRM rejects male disposability in the modern world. Further information is available here.

A Voice for men rejects enforcement of gender roles, not the roles themselves. This includes roles generally regarded as traditional in which the man works and the woman keeps house and raises the children. How individuals wish to live their lives is a matter for themselves. Ultimately the men’s rights movement places the onus on individuals to take responsibility for their own choices and actions. Further information is available here.

The manner in which we will achieve our aims is by changing the cultural narrative through reasoned peaceful advocacy.

Further information on the men’s rights movement can be found here.

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