Jared White

The word on masculinity

I’ve got no problem with people wanting to ignore the fact that every civilization on the planet is defended by men. However, I take issue with feminists claiming that violence is a masculine trait. Note that I understand men use violence to protect others but that is not the type of violence feminists are referring to. They are talking about random and sadistic violence. They are talking about men who beat their wives and children simply because they can. Feminists put out commercials on national television, calling them “public service announcements”, which depict men beating women for spilling coffee and claim this scenario to be the norm for everyday families.

Jared White

I started my life as half of a stereotype. My parents divorced a few months before I was born so according to just about every sitcom and movie of the nineties, I was destined to be one of those men whose “father was never there.” Destined to be one of the stoic and immature man-children …

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