Free Cock Is Not Oppression

The feminists at Jezebel.com (and we assume feminists elsewhere) have discovered a new form of oppression. It comes from men willing to demean themselves in any way imaginable in order to gain the approval of women. We suggest Jezebel treat new ideas kindly. They are in a strange place.

Femitheist paradise realized

In looking at those who propose to reduce the male population to only 1-10% of the total population, Angry Harry, tongue in cheek, thinks maybe that’s a good idea! And who, really, could object to such a state of affairs? Maybe we should join forces on this…

MGTOW: 12th century style

Perhaps it is that each age of man must discover the truths about women and love for itself. Over 800 years ago, the spread of courtly love and proto-feminism caused a writer to warn his fellows.

Want to murder your husband? Join the club!

Men are the violent sex, right? Women are the more peaceful and thoughtful and emotionally balanced sex, right. If women ran the world there would be no wars, right? The solution to the world’s problems is for men to become more like women, right? Well, maybe when you think about it, not so much.