What one false accusation can do to a man

By now I’m sure just about everyone within the MRM know about Dominique Struass-Kahn. Most probably know him because of the rape accusation set against him by a French maid who claims, Kahn forced her to perform oral sex. I’ll admit I hadn’t been following this case so I don’t know everything that has happened. From the little that I did read I got the impression that Mr. Kahn isn’t all that liked by anyone. None of this matters to me, however, because I care little about politics.

What I do care about is fairness. That said, even though Kahn’s innocence is already being spread across the web I wish to point out something that I find sickening. Something I find more sickening than the crime Mr. Kahn was accused of committing.

This man’s reputation was dragged through the mud by the media. This man was arrested and purposely forced to walk in front of a line of reporters. The crimes he has been charged with were spread through all media outlets as fact before his first day in court has even arrived. This man was forced to resign from his job as the head of the International Monetary Fund. This man’s chances for being a solid contender for the French presidency have been severely dampened. All of this and more has befallen this man. Why?

One accusation.

One accusation from a woman has destroyed this man’s career. One accusation from a woman has made this man a criminal in the public eye. One accusation from a woman put an electronic tracking bracelet around this man’s ankle. One accusation from a woman placed this man under armed guard where he slept. One accusation from a woman has drained millions of dollars from this man’s finances. One accusation from a woman has brought all of this turmoil down on this man and the worst part of it is the most sickening.

This accusation was never proven.

There has been no trial but according to the media and of course feminists, this man was guilty. Another sickening fact is while Dominique Struass-Kahn’s name has been spread across every news media outlet, most of the same media groups will only refer to his accuser, Nafissatou Diallo, as “the woman”.

What world do we live in where disgusting discrimination like this is not only normal but encouraged? How is it that words can destroy a career even if those words turn out to be a lie? How is it that half of the human population has the power to usurp the other half from any professional position with words?

Some would argue that evidence accompanied those words but that shouldn’t matter. There has been no trial so the evidence is irrelevant until there is or isn’t a conviction. So why is it that I know the name of this man? Why is the media telling me he is a rapist? Why is his face now known to everyone within the developed world?


I will tell you why. It is because destroying a man when a woman accuses him of violating her is a normal practice within all western cultures. Not just a normal practice, a championed practice. And if that woman happens to be lying it is considered our duty to ensure that no one knows who she is. Furthermore, we as a society are obligated to ensure no punishment befalls this woman, regardless of the damage she has done with her lies.

That is the world we live in and it fucking disgusts me.

I did not presume this man’s innocence or guilt before news of his innocence broke. But the fact remains that I didn’t even know this man’s name before this accusation was made and I still shouldn’t know it now. The same anonymity given to this man’s accuser should have been given to him.

The reason equality such as this will most likely never happen is because there are people set against the idea of equality that work rigorously to maintain the status quo. Those people are feminists. When the accuser, Nafissatou Diallo, had her name released the feminists within France gathered a group of three thousand protesters to show their disdain for what they saw as misogynistic.

Misogynistic? Really?

Feminist, Elena Rossini made it quite clear that she was outraged by how many people in France were disgusted by how Kahn was put on display in front of reporters while in handcuffs. Rossini was outraged at the mere idea that putting a man in front of the media while in handcuffs can make him appear guilty. The thing that sent Rossini over the edge, however, was the fact that real equality was allowed to take place and Nafissatou Diallo’s name was released.

Take note that it wasn’t the fact that some radio commentators weighed in with their opinions on Diallo’s attractiveness that outraged these feminists into the streets. No. It was the fact that a woman received the same treatment as a man, minus the handcuffs that made their blood boil.

French feminists marched through the streets carrying signs that read:

Sexism: Men go wild while women suffer.

No means no.

Let’s take men out of their caves.

We’re sick and tired of barbarians.

Do these colorful phrases remind anyone here in America of anything?

Now it’s obvious that these feminists have already made up their minds on the case, as usual. But it just goes to show that equality has never been the goal of feminism. These signs aren’t just bigoted; they assigned guilt where guilt had not been proven.

Light is starting to shine on the discrimination against men within western cultures and feminists know it. This is why they are now shifting the format of their message to include male issues. The ruse isn’t going to work with me. Feministing has recently put out two articles concerning male issues. One criticized the double standard in our culture, which encourages the creation of women only spaces, organizations, and social groups while shunning anything male. The other involved male circumcision. These two articles, two, have got some anti-feminists thinking that maybe some feminists are trying to change their anti-male thinking. There is also a new website, which feminists claim is a masculinist website, created by feminists who frequent and support the website manboobz.

Give me a fucking break.

Feminists do not care about the rights of men. They do not view male issues as important and will never hold them in the same regard as they do female issues. Many of them still believe that men don’t have any issues.

I have read several articles from the new website created by Ozymandias and I can tell you now it is not a website that advocates for men’s rights. It is a website created for the purpose of being a scapegoat feminists can point to when accused of not speaking of or caring about male issues. It is another “good men” project littered with “conscious” men who wish to push feminist propaganda under the guise of men’s rights. I exposed the misandry within two of their articles here and here.

As for feministing? As I read the first article that got many anti-feminists to think feminists are changing I began to smile at first. It seemed like the author was genuinely taking it to the feminist bigots who don’t view male issues as important.

Then I read the second half.

The second half of the article basically blames the problems of everyone, and I do mean everyone, and everything on masculinity. The other article about circumcision appears genuine; however, it is one feminist article surrounded by many others that don’t even recognize male circumcision as genital mutilation.

Out of all this change that is taking place within feminism we find one article that appears to be genuine about one male issue. I am not one to shun people when they are genuinely trying to change for the better but I have seen feminists employ this ruse before from feministing and many other sites. But a ploy is all it is. I believe they are only doing this now because a shift in our culture is starting to take place and they want to cover their asses before they collide with the shit storm headed their way.

About two years ago I created a video and joined other anti-feminists on youtube, putting out the message that men are suffering in western cultures and that feminism is a large part of the reason why. It was my very first video and in it I predicted exactly what is happening now.

1. Men tell feminists that western laws strip males of their civil rights.
2. Feminists ask for proof.
3. Men provide proof.
4. Feminists change the subject.
5. Feminists ignore the facts.
6. Feminists laugh at the idea of male plight.
7. Unbiased men and women see this and research the facts.
8. Men AND women tell feminists that western laws strip males of their civil rights.
9. Feminists realize their hypocrisy is being revealed.
10. Feminists offer to cooperate with Mens Rights Activists.

The Ozymandias website was created because of a reactionary article written by a feminist who could no longer deny the hypocrisy within her movement. However, instead of actually addressing the damage feminism has done, she and her contributors instead choose to blame everything else. They blame patriarchy (read: men), rape culture (read: men), toxic masculinity (read: men), and many other things that have nothing to do with why men face discrimination.

I won’t tell everyone within the anti-feminist movement what to do or how they should go about opposing feminism. I’m practically a nobody within this movement and my word hardly carries any weight in terms of giving directorial advice. Besides that I don’t like being told what to do so I won’t practice what I don’t like. What I will say is something I left out of my video, which is something I thought would be obvious to any anti-feminist. The offer of cooperation from any feminist will never be genuine for one simple reason. If one wishes to end male discrimination, one must challenge everything that has caused male discrimination. Feminism is not the sole enforcer of misandry but it is the primary cause for much of the legal and cultural anti-male discrimination within western societies, therefore challenging this discrimination means challenging feminism.

This is something feminists will never do.

Feminists can criticize their exclusion of men all day but that is the only thing they will criticize. You will never see feminists call for an end to the Violence Against Women Act and advocate for the creation of a Violence Against People Act. It will never happen because feminists who do this will no longer be feminists.

Ask Christina Sommers and Warren Farrell.

So for anyone considering the idea of standing alongside a feminist on the steps of a family court, protesting the anti-male bigotry within the legal system, just remember that the feminist next to you will most likely be in support of that system. And if your frustration has reached its breaking point to where you feel that life is no longer worth it, the same feminist standing next to you will accuse you of wanting to hurt your loved ones if you decide to end your pain.

Feminists do not want to stand with men they want to stand against men and women who do not share their worldview. Men are the “barbaric” enemy who need to be “taken out of their caves” according to feminists. According to feminists, men deserve to have their faces plastered over every media outlet and branded as rapists when a woman accuses them of the crime.

There is no equal treatment for men within the legal system in regards to any crime. Men are more harshly punished for every crime. One accusation from a woman can destroy a man’s life and feminists wish to keep it this way.

Bigots such as these are no allies of mine.

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