Women and Trust, The Ugly Truth

Women presently hold almost absolute control of the courts, the education system, the entertainment industry, the government, the family courts, and the police. That is not to suggest women hold the majority of jobs in those fields, rather, female-centric ideology is the dominating narrative. This wouldn’t be a problem, except that this female centric ideology includes a deep and irrational hatred towards men.

A Letter to Traditional Women Revisited

But where it concerns activism, men’s best interest and the voice that emanates from this forum, it is my not so humble opinion that any woman who likes “real” men who spend their days carrying a load she doesn’t feel obligated to share is no friend to the men and boys in this culture who now find themselves in such desperate trouble.

Till Death Do Us Part

Every time you see a happily married couple, keep this in mind. That happiness is a guise. They want you to believe that they are just as normal as all the other couples who are pretending to be happy. Underneath the surface lurks trouble, discord, and a man who knows that freedom comes with a hefty price tag.

All Your Fault

Watching the president’s wife on television—surrounded by fascinated press while she talks at length—the shopkeeper’s wife turned to her husband and said: ‘You’re the reason why I’m not a president’s wife.’ Watching the general’s wife on television—standing by her husband as he received accolades and medals—the shopkeeper’s wife turned to her husband and said: ‘You’re …

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