Are Women Good at Anything?

With this attitude, women may come to feel that the appropriate use of their significant social skills and power is to dismember the men around them in a social analogy to the physically powerful serial killer…

Bashing Women in the Name of a Better World

The result? There is literally no such thing as a fair critique anything that has to do with the sexes. And especially where discussing the dark feminine is concerned. The feminists regard it as misogyny and the chivalrists regard it being less than a real man. Their language, shaming tactics included, has become indistinguishable.

Does This Dress Make My Ass Look Fat?

What does it say, one might ask, about a human being when they not only insist on being told what they want to hear, regardless of its truthfulness, but will also, in fact, deal out retribution when given the wrong answers to impossible questions?

I have three words for it.

Complete moral bankruptcy.

Women’s Sexual Peak Rests Atop a Pile of Lies

But of course, once you peel back the layers of victimized drivel and get to the core of the matter, you find that women drive themselves to do these things, biology leading them by the nose, because that is their quickest route to personal power, and because they don’t rise above it and find relevance in other ways.