Women and Trust, The Ugly Truth

[dropcap]W[/dropcap]omen control human reproduction. This has been the case throughout history. In almost all sexually reproducing species, it is females who select mates for reproduction, and males who compete to be selected. Humans are not different in this respect.

The invention of modern contraceptive technologies has not changed this fact but has cemented it. This means that women also control access to sex, and thereby control men and society at large. This is neither objectively good nor bad. It is simply the truth.

In the late nineteen sixties and early nineteen seventies what we now call second wave feminism rose to prominence. Many of the movement’s stated objectives were simple matters of equity. These objectives; women’s admittance to higher education, political office, the clergy, and the right to be taken seriously in courts of law, were met. However, they were not accomplished by force against the male dominated establishments of of education, politics, business and the church, but met willingly, by men who saw clearly that sex is no barrier to competence. Unfortunately, simple justice was only a small part of a movement which alert adults now correctly call a hate movement.

Women presently hold almost absolute control of the courts, the education system, the entertainment industry, the government, the family courts, and the police. That is not to suggest women hold the majority of jobs in those fields, rather that female-centric ideology is the dominant narrative. This wouldn’t be a problem, except that this female centric ideology includes a deep and  irrational hatred of men.

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  • As evidence of this, consider the documented fact that men are far more likely than women to be the victims of violence [1], at every stage of life. But in the United States, a special set of laws called the violence against women act exists on the books to provide extra protection for women, and a fast track to conviction for men, bypassing many of the checks and balances of normal jurisprudence.
  • Based on accusation alone, our society will now utterly destroy the life and livelihood of any man of whom it is whispered: rapist. Conviction in a court of law; not needed, accusation is guilt.
  • Family court judges and lawyers are increasingly admitting that frivolous abuse of protective orders is prevalent against men, and are cynically used as a routine tactic in divorce proceedings[2].
  • Our society persists in a widespread hysteria, propagated by our media that within every law abiding, hardworking man, there lurks the heart of a kiddie-fiddler. That the word pedophile is applied almost exclusively to male perpetrators of this rare crime, while offenders if distributed by sex are approximately equally dispersed between male and female. [3] The 2008 US Department of health and human services report of child abuse indicated 42.6% of offenders in child abuse to be male, and 56.2 % being female. This report covered general abuse, including neglect, physical psychological and sexual abuse, with sexual abuse forming only 7% of overall abuse of children.
  • In cases where an adult woman is caught sexually abusing a minor, she is described by the media using terms like “teacher”, “caretaker”, or “older woman” or simply “lover” – and her crime is called “an affair”. In cases where the perpetrator is male, it is called “abuse”, “sexual assault” or “rape” and the perpetrator is called “pedophile” – for the exact same type of crime.
  • All domestic abuse in which the provisional victim does not leave after the first incident of violence means that two people, and not just one person, are responsible for the continuation and maintenance of that violent relationship. To presume that woman in such situations are powerless to extricate themselves is to cast for them the role of a child – for an adult woman in an adult relationship. To be sure, here are men who abuse their spouses, but to imagine that this happens in a vacuum and that women in such relationships do not equally abuse, assault, and instigate violence against their spouses is to live in a fantasy world.
  • In cases where women are the primary aggressor in an abusive relationship, men assaulted by their spouses who seek outside help will find themselves not helped, but arrested, imprisoned, and stripped of their home and children by a legal system which starts with the basic assumption of women’s innocence, and men’s villainy.


Our society is now to heavily tilted towards the criminalization of the male identity, resulting in the fact that there is no social, legal, or practical negative consequence for women who lie about abuse, violence, threats, or sexual abuse, or who use the law as a tool to denude men of their property, careers, homes, and children.

A man entering a relationship with a women does so on only on the hope and the trust that she will not exercise her social, legal, and political power to destroy him. This hope is founded on nothing but optimism, as there is no longer any de-motivator to women to casually and easily destroy a man for profit, or sport, or simple whim.

Women as a sex are neither inherently “bad” nor “good”, just as men, as a sex, are also simply human beings. Some are malicious, most aren’t.

Unfortunately, where advantage can be taken by individuals within a system, it will be taken. And the our society currently affords terrible privilege, power and exception from responsibility to women. Because of this, and in a climate where most elements of our society tilts toward a vilification of men and protection of, enablement of, and elevation of women; men cannot reasonably trust women.

That bears repeating : in this system men cannot reasonably trust women.

In relationships, the odds for men are stacked against any outcome except betrayal and destruction. Certainly, many women are not unethical, nor are seeking to exploit men’s near non-person status in our society. Unfortunately, many women are seeking just that outcome. There is no social or legal obstacle to women who would exploit the system we now enjoy; the system where all men are bad, and all women are good.

Women, we men can’t trust members of your sex in this system. There are admittedly few men alert to this fact as yet. The men’s movement is just waking up, there will be more of us. This is not hatred towards women, it’s just awareness and self preservation. It’s a system established by over 50 years of feminism. It is apparently what your sex wanted, and now you have it. Or, maybe this isn’t what you wanted. But if it’s not, what do you mean to do about it?

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[2] http://www.batteredmen.com/youngres.htm
[3] http://www.acf.hhs.gov/programs/cb/pubs/cm08/cm08.pdf

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