Holding the Title

Until there is true equality for men in marriage, divorce, and parenthood, I think that men should lease and not buy. Yeah, you will always have those payments, but in the end it is cheaper. And nothing – nothing – beats that new car smell.


She kept turning around to see if she was being watched. I almost felt sorry for her. But I could not help thinking, that if my house was on fire and she was in charge of the water to put it out, I’d be royally fucked; probably burned to a crisp.

The Prodigal Princess

The Queen was living with another King. But she wasn’t getting married to The New King, because that would ruin the best of both worlds. She would live with The New King; enjoying all the privileges of a new kingdom…whilst holding up The Princess like a beggar’s cup for more money than the courts had awarded her from The Old King.

Walk a Mile in My Shoes?

When women talk about shoes, I don’t suppose a lot of them have these images in mind. While they are buying a pair of the latest fashionable boots from the hottest ‘designer of the moment’, many families are affected and grieving for the men who have donned, and lost life and limb, in his particular footwear.

If Momma Ain't Happy…

Momma — The woman that beat the shit out of every single one of these kids, (and now I know from the daughter that I ran into, poppa, as well) now resides in a comfy condo in Florida, thanks to the life insurance poppa paid no-matter-what….and the sale of the big fucking house he bought, and God knows what else….to live out the rest of her days.