Two halves of the same movement

We have two distinct and yet often overlapping areas in the men’s rights movement.

1)       Counter-feminism – Exposing its lies and fighting its political and legal advances that favor women, at the expense of men and society.

2)       Gynology – Analysis of woman’s behavior intended to free men from misconceptions, enabling them to evaluate women objectively.

It’s seems #2 is a natural reaction to #1.  Men are forming strategies to outflank feminist governance by tacitly understanding the “enemy.”  Counter-feminism is the political, while gynology is the personal.  They’ve become inextricably intertwined because, while feminism was a march towards power for women as a group in the political sphere, it also succeeded in recruiting compliant individual women to fight for power over men in the home and workplace.

But something unintended and even more sinister is beginning to happen.  As more men dissect the pathology of the “feminine mystique,” they’re more and more disappointed at what they find underneath the once mysterious veneer of “sugar and spice and everything nice,”  They’re starting to view women exactly how feminists intended for them to.  Not as “sex objects” and “domestic slaves,” but as high-functioning contributors to the ongoing advancement of the human race.  Imagine that!  And when you strip away the sexual allure, uniqueness, subtlety and delicate nature of the feminine, you end up with a rather diminished and often tedious version of the masculine in a pantsuit.

Once revered, respected and desired for being a wife and mother, she’s now viewed as an opportunity for sex at best, someone to be avoided at worst.  She had a very unique place in the world of men where she’d rarely have to concern herself with things like working for money and food and shelter.  We loved her and we loved her nature, because we understood our support of her to be necessary for a strong society.  We were the “gentlemen” and they were “ladies.”

We’re now at the stage in this “social (and now economic) warfare” between the sexes, where after being condemned, disrespected, belittled, discriminated against, devalued and outright hated by women (and feminist men)…that we’re finally starting to hate back.  This is creating a sort of “Mexican standoff” between men and women, where women hate as much as ever, and the power of the vaginal canal no longer holds the sway over men it once did.  Because for every little advance women made to become more like men, they lost a little more of their sexual power.  They don’t like it; and who do they blame?

Well men of course.  Refusing to “man-up” never felt so right.

What is the remedy for this miserable feminist induced situation society finds itself in?  Women as a group will have to lay down their arms, openly and actively condemn feminism as a hate movement against men, and start actually liking and respecting men again.  Because men are fed up with the bullshit they’ve been buried under the last 50 years.  You’re not cute anymore ladies.  You’re surly, demanding and competing against us for employment in a dog eat dog world on a tilted playing field.  It’s not just feminists or even women as a group anymore; its individual women we’re directing our disgust and apathy towards too.  That’s a shift in consciousness.

We can be partners in life again or virulent enemies, sworn to destroy each other.

Which will it be?  Peace or war? Love or hate?

The next few years of our civilization’s history might be your last chance to make amends, before the “Collapse. And by then it might be too late, because when fighting for food and water, who do you think will win?  You’re either with us or against us.  Start tearing down the wall feminism built and learn to love men again and all will be forgiven.

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