How Deep Does the Rabbit Hole Go?

Joe McCarthy was Wisconsin’s Senator between 1947 and 1957. He is famous for fomenting public hysteria that large numbers of communist spies and sympathizers operated inside the United States government and elsewhere. McCarthy’s unethical tactics eventually led him to be blacklisted by the United States Senate, but not before hundreds of careers and lives were destroyed by his public witch hunts and baseless accusations.

It would be easy to make a glib comparison between McCarthy era communist witch hunts and a current climate of public hysteria surrounding accusations of rape. Unfortunately, the comparison would be inadequate. There is not merely a rogue politician fueling the fear over the lowest incidence crime for which the FBI maintains stats. This time around, the entire mainstream, tax funded apparatus of educational and “nonprofit” victim-industrial-profiteering shelter business is pushing the fear. The fear, however isn’t actually a fear of some imaginary culture of rape, it’s fear of accusation. That fear, by the way, is justified because an accusation of rape has become a de facto conviction. The evidence-based inquiry which follows any other criminal accusation has been reduced to a formality.

By accusation alone – a man will be destroyed.

It’s not a rape culture, as so many feminists claim, but a rape-accusation culture.

False accusation is an ultimate weapon owned by a biological demographic we are all constantly told are victims. Women, you see, are far from being the social class protected in law, privileged in hiring, advantaged by affirmative action, protected from violence, held exempt from combat, and line-jumped to lifeboats.

No, women are oppressed.

It’s the patriarchy, and the poor womenfolk are under constant threat at all times! Except that they’re not. But we all continue to indulge in a reality denying dance, a kind of psycho-merengue, because if we ever have the backbone to speak the truth, to stop dancing – we wont get that precious female approval.

The truth is that women are privileged, pampered and protected from uncomfortable reality to a degree that is directly demolishing fundamental social institutions of free speech, justice, achievement through merit, education and personal accountability and person-hood. These are the pillars of a free society, and we’re throwing them away to placate a generation of women infantalized by a lifetime of flattering and soothing lies about their innate superiority and terrible, terrible victim-hood.

But don’t imagine the blame lies only on women, or even feminists – and to be sure, don’t mistake this as an attack on women – they’re just fallible humans like everybody else. Feminism is a useful poison, poured into all of our ears through our media and educational system – and it’s use is to divide men and women against each other – and to diminish men’s social power to zero. Men, when not psychologically hobbled, are stubborn and aggressive and far more individualistic than women, despite feminist agitprop to the contrary. For a free society, this is a very good thing.

Now, if we’re honest with ourselves, we know feminism’s goal and continued outcome is to elevate women and denigrate men. This might seem like a strange objective for a more-or less free society to pursue – until you tumble to the fact that feminism is an elite funded an initiated movement. By elevating the biological half of humanity who are socially pliable – by indoctrinating them into a state of adult infant-hood, and by placing this self indulgent and self righteous class in a position of consequence free power over men – a perfect totalitarian society is created.

If you’re a woman reading this, it might sound pretty harsh, but the fact is you’ve bee told you’re entire life that you’re a victim of an imagined cult of anti-woman hatred; that you’re intellectually, morally, and spiritually superior to men. Women also earn less over their lifetimes, but somehow manage to control 65% of disposable income world wide. Do you see a disconnect yet? As a woman, you’re also the minority of the homeless by a factor of 4, and a minority of suicides, by a factor of 4, and as a women you die on the job only 7% of the time – while men comprise 93% of workplace fatalities, 98% if you consider military combat a job vs. a social duty.

But you’re oppressed, right?

To be fair, many women don’t buy into the bulk of the mainstream mythology we’re all constantly fed, and some few women openly oppose our society’s continued denigration of all things masculine. Those women, however, are rare. Human beings are gifted with a nearly unlimited capacity for self delusion and rationalization, and in a system affording privilege to one group, the members of that group will mostly just quietly take advantage, however they may claim “ I’m not a feminist”. Sadly, this standard demurral doesn’t actually mean much, because the values of our society are largely feminist values.

I mentioned that blame can’t be apportioned solely to women, or to feminists, even as the present trend is towards demonization of men and deification of women as a supremacist super-class. A large measure of culpability for the current and accelerating abrogation of human rights falls squarely on men, who have, by increments enabled and accommodated a war against human rights, free speech, and the basic human freedoms western civilization is built on.

But blame is useless while a problem remains to be solved, and the real question is – how far along the path to a closed society will we go before the average man or woman stands up. Will you wait until your cage is pad-locked shut before you’re moved to complain?

The Los Angeles Times reported on April 16, 2010, “some Obama administration officials are in the process of drafting classified guidelines that would allow the government to indefinitely hold suspects outside of the United States without charge or trial“

Indefinitely, without charge or trial.

But this has nothing to do with feminism, I hear somebody complain. You’re right, feminism is only a tool, the larger goal is the creation of a police state in which nobody has rights, not even women.

Women are being elevated to a position of supreme power in the current state of the closing of our society because the are, to state it bluntly, gullible and easily led. Feminist-conditioned women are drunk with the power 50 years of flattery and privilege – and are being used as a tool of blunt trauma against men, because men are the traditional protectors of society. Women’s current elevated, protected status is a temporary measure which is succeeding in dividing the population against itself – politicians continue to restructure society to suit a few wealthy banking families.

Women are angry over imagined and fictional oppression? Yes, but they’re in for a terrible shock, because if the current climate of female supremacy is taken to it’s logical conclusion, it will be a dystopian future to make Orwell’s and Huxley’s nightmares seem like daydreams.

So, how far will we go?

At some point, you will find you can no longer pretend everything is alright. The standing question is, will that moment come because you’re manacled to the wall of your cell?

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