Zeta Masculinity

Avoid Getting Fucked by White Knights, Feminists, and Manginas

If you find yourself at war with your wife or girlfriend a low-tech handwritten journal can save your life, and keep you out of jail. A history of “normal” journal entries prior to issues of conflict will be useful in establishing the stress and pain created by attacks against you by your ex wife or girlfriend. Use a notebook with a traditional binding – not a spiral bound or a 3-ring style binder. Also, never tear pages out of your journal, as that will be used to present a case against you of fabricating a false history.

Feminism’s Victim Complex- and Consequences

The zeta male however is not playing that game, understanding as he does, that while he’s expected to assume that risk and damage, the side of the social contract compensating him and valuing him as a man is no longer operative. The zeta male’s identity is one developing around conscious evaluation of behavior’s risk and reward, and disparaging of traditional social control through shame or prestige.