The Men’s Movement- Fair, but Imbalanced

I have to wonder why they would find it necessary to tell a feather being weighed against a hammer about the importance of ‘balance.’ It would seem that in this circumstance, the most efficient way to promote balance is to somehow address the massive weight of the hammer. These people would better spend their time in search of equality and fairness if they did exactly what the men’s movement aims to do: strengthen the wills of men and tear down the zero-sum benefits women gain at the expense of men and civilization.

We’re the radicals now

Saul Alinsky’s “Rules for Radicals” is a book which has our name on it. After all, the Men’s Human Rights Movement is, in reality, the most radical movement ever in the history of the human species. Andy Thomas from MRA London does a book review and then some.

If Abortion Rights, then the Right of Parental Surrender

For the past 49 years, abortion rights in the U.S. have been solely a creature of constitutional law.  The right of privacy created by Supreme Court precedents that, in turn, created the right to an abortion, applied, of course, only to women.  Men naturally had no right to privacy as it applied to pregnancy and …

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