No, Now This You REALLY Have to See

Even with all the nonsense life manages to deliver, like watching a trainload of men get assaulted by women who have police there to enforce their criminality, there are some really bright moments.

Like right now.

Our brother RulaZ is releasing an album of his music; pure and raw zeta rock to the last song.  And by referencing A Voice for Men, he honors me and pays homage to all of you.  He has taken the pain and frustration we all feel and sent it screaming out through balls to the wall rock and roll, complete with scorching guitar riffs and lyrics that pull no punches.

The album can be pre ordered at I-tunes by going here:

The album is 8.99 Euros (less than $12.00 American) for 20 groundbreaking songs.

Am I going to support him by getting my own copy?

Oh, yeah. Betchurass I am.

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