MGTOW and female disapproval

Today more and more men are opting out of society’s restrictive male roles and going their own way, but some women are finding it difficult to adjust to the trend because they are not used to men living outside of the plans, grace and favour of women. Anja Eriud encourages men to keep going their own way.

MGTOW now an LGBTQIA category… and there’s nothing you can do about it

The headline is likely to provoke an emotional reaction from both the woke and the virulently anti-woke, but I stride forth with my flack jacket on in order to make a salient point: that far from being a fringe group of misogynistic terrorists who refuse to court the ladies, MGTOW is perfectly aligned with the …

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The Wisdom of Odysseus

The Ancient Greek story The Odyssey describes a man attempting to go his own way while enduring temptation by the Sirens, those femme fatales who pull men away from their chosen paths and into inevitable destruction. Our hero Odysseus shows that with awareness and skill, we can sail right past the temptresses and on to our chosen destination.

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Eating while MGTOW: Buck buck chicken

Today we’re republishing an amusing and practical article written several years ago by AVfM’s own August Løvenskiolds. A man’s gotta eat, right? –Ed The MGTOW (Men Going Their Own Way) lifestyle, ideally, involves both a real-world withdrawal of men from women and a reduction in the large excess of productivity by men necessary to support the pampering of …

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