Zeta Masculinity

Pat Tillman: Dying Like a Real Man

If we want to teach men to quit killing, we must first teach them to quit dying.And to do that, we first have to go where no one really wants to. We have to teach men to reject the pressures put on them to be protectors and providers first, self valuing human beings a distant second.

Shrugging Misandry

In a world where men and boys are facing an ever increasing challenge to simply remain free and stay fed, the world around them is obsessed with incredulously vapid and trivial female minutia, and imagining there is a plot within it all that is targeted directly at reducing them to insignificance. Through that kind of hypervigilant perspective comes even more of our difficulties with the mainstream.

Patriarchy for Dummies

Feminism only takes what is already there, the female drive to benefit from the power acquired by men, and takes it to the extreme level. In that light, feminism is an extreme that showed up in normal sexual life, just like a letter bearing a marriage proposal on death row.

The plague of modern masculinity

Feminism has spent the last fifty years critiquing masculinity. According to MHRAs they got most everything wrong. Paul Elam thinks they actually got a couple of things right, and then went completely south from there. In this seminal essay, he lays out what they got wrong, why, and how men will forge a new path.