Feminist lies

Dear Sluts

In truth, the practice of women dressing in “sluttish” attire outside the context of parades through Toronto’s downtown, is purposeful. A woman dressing in a deliberately sexually provocative style is flaunting her sexual power over men. She is saying, in a language older than any spoken or written:

“I am an object of sexual desire, and I am a person of protected status”

Why Men are More Intelligent Than Women

For at least half a century, the overwhelming evidence that intelligence is determined very significantly by genes has been hidden from the public – by the usual culprits. The politically-correct view was that the environment was the most significant factor in the development of intelligence and that genes were almost irrelevant.

Dear Conscious Men

What I see clearly is your opportunism, your false piety, and the ethic of a carrion eater. Your false reverence has nothing whatsoever to do with respect for women, it’s and everything to do with posturing for approval. Look at me, I’m a “good” man, not like those other “bad” men. Your simpering sycophancy stinks of benefit seeking.