Fight Back, Or Are You A Wimp?


Was his.was his, stolen, now hers

This is the customized licence plate on a silver porsche. It’s a porsche appropriated through court order in a divorce settlement. A woman who terminated her relationship with her husband, used the enforcement apparatus of the courts to seize a substantial portion of his possessions, and likely a cut of his continued income. The licence plate flaunts the legalized theft.

Look at me, I ripped off this car, and the court system helped me do it. The custom licence plate is also a warning. Men, What you own, we can take it whenever we want.

A photo of this car with its smug customized plate is easy to find on the web. Often it’s found on web pages with some apparent humour about how stupid men are. Using the apparatus of the state to steal private property always makes me chuckle, in the same way I take sadistic pleasure from hurting small animals and children. That is to say, I don’t find it funny at all.

And yet, it continues to be be presented as humour, and stupidly, the majority of us obligingly nod our heads and laugh.

But why? Why is this normal?

Why is it acceptable, or even funny that a woman exiting a relationship gets to steal a man’s possessions? Why do the courts aid in this institutional thievery? Do we imagine in our collective pea brains that he must have committed some transgression, justifying the state’s participation in forcible wealth re-allocation?

The sad reality is that men, the biological demographic being relegated to a class of human cash machines by a femi-chivalrist influenced society and legal system, are participating in this socially sanctioned thievery.

This is driven by several social factors, the first being that women control reproduction, as well as control access to sex. Since sex is a biological drive, most men will go along with an enormous boatload of shit and abuse because they’re dependant on female approval to gain access to sex.

Gentlemen, we all need stop tolerating abuse in exchange for the idiotic hope of female approval. Unfortunately, most men aren’t going to do this.  The social conditioning we all grew up with has chivalry as a basic foundation. We believe deep down that as men, we’re disposable. We also seem unwilling to offer any defence against our own exploitation and abuse. We also need to stop going-along with the horrible pretence that women’s smug preening over our exploitation and theft qualifies as comedy.

Women, by the way – are not the enemy. The present social norms and legally tilted playing field currently afford women historically unprecedented social and legal privilege, and humans, when given an excess of privileges, will take advantage of them. Women aren’t special in this regard. In fact – most women – fed on a steady diet of feminist dogma through all types of media – now believe themselves to be righteous recipients of ill gotten resources.

The smug pride of advantage taken, manifest in a licence plate reading “was his” seems like the most obvious signal of sexually unequal rights and privileges. Indeed, it should be obvious. But humans are supremely skilled at seeing only what they are comfortable seeing. Realization that you are the on the side of the tyrant is never comfortable. Humans are social animals, and social conformity is a powerful control on perception. It is easy for men and MRAs to fall into the trap of hatred, but it’s unhelpful in addressing the MRM’s goals, which are for human rights without regard to sex.

Meanwhile, we continue to see an escalation of contempt poured out onto men in all mainstream media. Is there any product for sale in the western world which doesn’t use the “idiot male” stereotype in it’s advertising? An illustrative list of this phenomenon in western media within this article would be redundant to most readers of AVFM.

The denigration of individuals based on their biological demographic is usually classified as a hate crime, unless the demographic is men. Setting the dubious legitimacy of the criminalization of an emotional state aside, at what point do we, as a society cease to laugh obligingly at the public hatred of ourselves?

The point of this discussion is not just one more detailed illustration of the problem of social misandry in our society.

The point is that we (read: you, men, not just MRAs) must complain, loudly, and repetitively when we are told we don’t matter. We – and I mean YOU – must complain when your real pain and denigration is fodder for comedy.

Chivalry is a foundation of male socialization. We, (that is, men) are all raised to be self sacrificing in service of women, no matter how much of this we shake off as we become adults. Unfortunately the programming we receive as children runs deep. Our society’s core values are now feminist values. Values based on chivalry, but exaggerated to toxicity. Men, (that’s us, and yes – ill keep reminding you) as the demographic being passed around like party favours at a prison orgy are not going to be helped by anyone but ourselves. Men – (that’s still us) are taking a legal, social, and economic shit kicking, and it’s getting asymptotically worse. I hesitate to call this a war against men – because that would imply that men are fighting back, and besides a very few men identifying as MRAs, men have tolerated an escalating and increasingly brutal sexual apartheid with almost total passivity.

It’s long past time to make this into a war. That means men ( you and me, remember?) have to start fighting back against our own marginalization. When you are degraded, silenced, or robbed by the courts, for being male, your silence is consent. It is complicity.

Now, here comes the good part. You can actually do something about the figurative ass-fucking that men (that’s you, remember?) are getting in this increasingly feminist society.

The simplest is to discard chivalry. I say simplest, you’ll note I don’t say easiest. Chivalry is an ideology based on your disposability. It’s based on the assumption that your life is worth less than anyone else’s because you own a set of external genitalia. Interestingly, simple as it is, excising the notion of male disposability from your value system takes balls, big ones. It also takes brains, and contrary to the universal depiction of men as dumb-shits in our media, you own a brain which it is now time for you to use.

So, gentlemen, are you going to start fighting back? Or is the dumb-shits stereotype accurate.

Paul Elam and I have begun assembling a catalog of simple techniques you can use to defend yourself. This is a document which will be continually growing. Your contributions to it are called for, and you should use and promote the tactics described in it. Importantly, as this “Encyclopedia of Male Defense,” which will be permanently stationed on this site, MUST be completed by the collective of MRA’s. You are the only ones free enough of the blue pill mirage to understand the problems and the possible solutions. And from the beginning, stop allowing anyone to pretend the exploitation and marginalization is funny, or that we are living in a patriarchy.

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