A summary of issues fueling the need for an active Men’s Rights Movement. The issues named here are discussed at length in other locations. In this document, they are provided as a list, consolidated into one place to illustrate the scope of the problem.

False Rape Accusations

Men are routinely jailed based on completely false criminal accusation of rape or child abuse. Police, Lawyers, and Judges are complicit in this abuse of the law.

Example: A Corrupt District attorney in Maine prosecuting false rape against Vladek Filler;


Women who accuse men of rape are protected by legal anonymity. Men so accused are named and destroyed prior to any legal evidential inquiry. Anything that is subsidized will increase. Rape accusations are no different in this respect.
A man accused of rape is destroyed from the start. He is dragged, defenseless, through the tar-and-feather machine of the media, ritually named and shamed, severed from family and colleagues, barred from employment, publicly demonized before any legal or evidential inquiry is begun.


Rape shield laws protect the accuser, both from scrutiny and condemnation for the increasingly common false accusation, and the standardized lack of legal consequences stand as an open invitation to accuse any man at any time with impunity.


Women caught in making false rape accusations are tut-tutted, and police will make formulaic statements about “waste of police resources”, but never mention the lives destroyed by those accusations – even after they’re proved false.


Male Gender Witch-Hunting, or Male Sex Witch-Hunting

This is prominent element of college and university life across North America. Events such as rape and d.v. candle light vigils, and walk events about violence against women are little more than rape and domestic violence witch-hunts which occur in open defiance of legitimate statistics and data on the issues being hyped. Also, male bashing events such as Vagina Monologues and Take Back the night are built on the foundation of male-hate, but have the hypocritical approval of the educational system and Politically Correct thought police.

Vigilante Justice

Metropolitan police departments have been documented publicly endorsing and funding civilian mob violence against men based on unverified accusations.


Blacklists and Slander

Whispering campaigns of slander, criminal libel and criminal accusation are being pursued against individuals who speak up. Erin Pizzey, founder of the women’s shelter movement in England was ousted from her own movement by ideological radical feminists using this tactic.


Organized campaigns to blacklist men and organization who refuse to comply with misandric lies, with the intent to bar them from gainful employment or from funding are underway now.


Murder Excused on the grounds of Being Female

Criminal courts now routinely manufacture excuses for female murderers when the victims are men. Effectively, this is the implicit legalization of murder when the killer is female and the victim male.

The National Post has removed this article from their site, however, a copy was uploaded to AVFM – and can be seen here.

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