The word on masculinity

What makes a man, a man?

This question may well have been on the minds of the majority of the human race before recorded history. Not in the specific words above but still in some variation of how people communicated before writing and speaking was referred to as communication. It is a simple question designed to give men and boys a morality check. A question with answers that could inspire integrity or crime. So what makes a man, a man?

Absolutely nothing.

Men are men and that’s all there is to it. They may be gay or cut their junk off but they will always be what they were born, men. What makes a man, a man is a question within a question. What makes a man a good man? This is the real question being put forth. The problem is that the answer to that question is being proposed by the wrong people.


Feminist women, to be more precise, are the ones working tirelessly towards pushing their views of “what makes a man a man” onto the general public. Yes there are feminist men who publish books and teach college courses on this subject. However, their words and ideas are not their own. They say what their enablers want them to say. They repeat things feminist women have already propagated.

The one thing that coincides with many who are feminists and those who are not when it comes to the question of manhood is masculinity. However, why this is the case I am not sure. If you were to ask an average guy on the street, masculinity would be the difference between a real man and…something else. If you were to ask a feminist, masculinity would be the harbinger of death to humanity.

Both would be wrong.

Masculinity is a word. A word created by human beings. A word used to describe human beings that exhibit certain traits or characteristics. Throughout recorded history, men around the world have maintained similar identifiable characteristics that have bridged cultures and broken barriers.

The warrior: This characteristic, I believe, is the most common among the men of all cultures. Every civilization I know of, even the supposed female led matriarchies have never strayed from the practice of using men as the protectors of society. Many generations ago, before steel and concrete buildings towered above the trees, men were born for one main purpose: to defend their society from other societies.

The architect: After humanity left the caves that once sheltered them and civilizations began to spring up around the globe, men took on another characteristic that aided in the survival of the human race. From teepees to mud huts, from log cabins to steel skyscrapers, the homes of humanity were built on the backs of the male half of the species. It has been and still is, even with advanced technology, a tireless and fatal effort. However, men, as it seems have been the predominant humans to step forward and sacrifice their bodies so that others might live.

The risk taker: Walking into a pitch black mine filled with dynamite with the intention of lighting a fuse is not something many people are capable of doing. However, those that did undertake this endeavor were men and only men. Entering a small boat with three to four other passengers with the intention of hunting an animal the size of a large building with only a small spear is something most people would consider insane. However, to fuel the whale oil powered luxuries of the past, men stepped up and into those small boats. Not all risks men take are fatal but the largest risks taken by the human race are usually taken by the male half. Be they a walk across an unfinished skyscraper back in the early 20th century or a life savings put into the first steel mill, the risks are always big and the payoff upon success immeasurable.

The leader: Anyone can lead. Not everyone can lead well. While being the one in charge is stereotyped as something men crave more than anything else, knowing the one in charge can lead is what those who actually pay attention view as another male characteristic. A group of men from the past tasked with defending a small settlement that has been raided by a rival tribe will not put their trust and their lives in the hands of a man who has not proven himself on the battlefield. Even the warriors of today, soldiers in armies around the world only give respect to leaders who have earned it. Yes, today’s military men are legally bound to respect the rank of an individual but few men respect individuals that have not proven themselves a leader. Within large successful companies it is intelligent to appoint those that produce the most profit for that company as leaders of their peers. In team sporting activities an individual player cannot win without a cohesive team, however, a team cannot be cohesive without a worthy leader. Groups of men choose their leaders because they know that the man chosen can outperform them at whatever task that needs to be accomplished. If a man has not earned the respect of a group of men then that group will remain leaderless.

The competitor: Competing is what has driven men to bring the human civilization out of caves and into the cockpit of airplanes. Men compete with each other over just about anything from leisure activities as such as drinking to crowd gathering professions like sports. Men compete for the affections of women on a daily basis. It is women, in fact, that have driven some men to create great works of art, invent revolutionary technologies, and lead armies to victory all for the sake of winning her affections.


The protector: Not only have men defended their societies from other societies. Nature has been kept at bay, whenever possible, by the ingenuity of men. To keep the rain, winds, and snow from killing their families, men built shelters. To prevent their loved ones from freezing to death, men built fireplaces. To protect those weaker than themselves from wild animals, men designed traps and fashioned weapons out of rocks and wood. Even today in our “civilized” world their still exist men and women who cannot conform to what we deem civil. They would take without asking, destroy what they did not create, and murder those they have never met. Once a common protective instinct among men over the years has now changed into an official position among the populace.

Soldier; Police officer; Firefighter.

These jobs were not always jobs and did not always hold names. Centuries ago common men stepped up and took on these roles when they were needed. There was no official corps of men who performed these services, except for soldiers and far back enough in time not even soldiers were official. Instead men simply defended their societies from criminals or nature. Even today among the thousands of men who are paid to perform these tasks there are men who do not hold the title and position of firefighter that will run into a burning building in order to save a loved one or a complete stranger. Even today there are men who pull men, women, and children they have never met from car accidents. Men jump into cold bodies of water to save drowning citizens from certain death. When a cry for help is heard it is men who rush in to save others from criminals and unprovoked attackers. Men have always been the protectors of their societies, the unsung and underappreciated heroes of their times.

The provider: Men have always given what they themselves have labored to obtain. Be it the meat from some wild animal or a roof they have spent months creating as a shield from nature. This is one male characteristic I believe is predominantly male for one reason. The roof over my head was designed and built by other men. The same goes for just about every other human being on the planet since and before recorded history. In the past it was understandable that only men could do these things. Raw strength and physical prowess was a must for hunting and building. Today we have machines built by men that lighten the physical burden needed to create homes and shelters. Sixty years ago it was already possible to construct a house within minutes. Yet still it is men who answer the call to shelter their societies.

You will notice all of these traits associated with men are good traits. It is indeed strange to hear the words good and man uttered in the same breath unless the one speaking is describing their own selfish desires they believe men should adhere to.

These traits, these characteristics are what describe masculinity to me. These characteristics used to be recognized by the world as masculine characteristics. Now many view them simply as human characteristics and that’s fine. Taking away the label that defines certain traits as male traits is fine. Not all men exhibit these traits. Also, some women exhibit these traits as well. However, whether or not defining these traits as male was never the issue in my mind. I have never felt the need to defend my masculinity.

Then I learned about feminism.

Feminism did something dishonest and in my opinion evil when dealing with masculinity. As anyone will find out after only a short time of studying feminism, celebrating men is not one of its functions. Not only did feminists have to shout to the world that the traits listed above are not exclusive to the male half of the species. No. Convincing the populace that masculine traits are found within women was not enough. Instead, feminists drew a line between men and women when it came to masculinity. Many of the good things that were viewed as masculine were argued to be inherent in women as well. Feminists couldn’t stand being told that some good things, such as being a provider or protector, were things that mostly men did. So feminists sought to remove the title of masculinity from these characteristics. However, this is where the evil of feminism took hold. Feminists had no problem with renaming protector as a human characteristic but in the same stroke they named violence as a masculine characteristic.

Fuck all to honesty.

Violence, sexual deviancy, dominance, and several other nasty characteristics were attributed solely to men by feminists. You see they have no problem arguing that women can be competitive and only want to be led by someone worthy of leading. They can argue for that all day.


Because those are good characteristics that people have associated with men throughout history. But when it comes to the argument that women can be violent or rapists or dominant control freaks too? No they say. Women do not do such things. They say that if you just look at what men have done throughout history you will see that in general men have been the violent ones and men have been the ones seeking to control societies.

Not women, they say.

It is almost like a hamster wheel. Analyzing the subject of masculinity can send one’s mind into an endless spiral of confusion and frustration especially when bombarded with feminist rhetoric. Aggressiveness, in general, is a male trait. It is used in sports, combat, and even the work room. But when this trait is said to be masculine, the word masculine, is changed. No longer does the word masculinity stand for a characteristic that has been observed mostly in men for generations. Now masculinity is a social construct according to feminists.

On some levels this is true because as I said masculinity is a word. A word created by us humans to describe something we see. Since it has been mostly men who have displayed these characteristics it is mostly men who are expected to uphold these characteristics.


Therein lays the rub.

We all know that not all men exhibit every characteristic associated with masculinity. However, since and before the dawn of civilization, most men have displayed these characteristics. Back then necessity played a big role in keeping those characteristics visible, which in turn kept them alive in the most noticeable ways, such as, keeping a budding society alive. Today we have technology. Technology erases a lot of the necessity surrounding the traits associated with masculinity. Sure the traits are still needed but the life of modern societies no longer depends fully on men crafting spears and hunting animals. Hard physical labor is still needed but that is mostly ignored in our society today. Money is the driving force behind what is created and what is destroyed now and masculinity is not needed to make money.

Boys being taught by their fathers to be competitive and aggressive can be viewed as a social construct to some and in some ways that is true. However, the fact remains that mostly men who were not taught to exhibit these characteristics still display them and have displayed them for thousands of years with no outside influence other than the will to survive.

The problem is that aggressiveness, the good trait associated with all, becomes violence, the bad trait associated with men. Feminists love associating bad things with men, especially when those bad things affect women. Violence in general is something feminists will blame solely on men. Why? Because the majority of violent crimes committed around the world are committed by men. However, point out the fact that the majority of people who protect others from criminals are also men and that fact just shoots over a feminist’s head and flies out the window.

Think about it for a minute. One of these two characteristics, protectiveness and violence, used to be celebrated as a masculine trait and the other viewed as a shortcoming of the human species. Today people are taught, in schools no less, by feminists, that violence is masculine and protectiveness is a human trait.

I’ve got no problem with people wanting to ignore the fact that every civilization on the planet is defended by men. However, I take issue with feminists claiming that violence is a masculine trait. Note that I understand men use violence to protect others but that is not the type of violence feminists are referring to. They are talking about random and sadistic violence. They are talking about men who beat their wives and children simply because they can. Feminists put out commercials on national television, calling them “public service announcements”, which depict men beating women for spilling coffee and claim this scenario to be the norm for everyday families.

Fucking spilt coffee.

That is what feminists claim is masculinity. This is what they claim young boys are being taught in our culture by men who uphold the “patriarchy”. While there are some feminists too blinded by their hatred of men to see that violence is something both genders exhibit, a lot of feminists do realize this fact. However, this is where the straight path to common sense wraps around forming the hamster wheel. Feminists feel that sense it is mostly men whom enact violent crimes that violence is a part of masculinity and therefore must be destroyed. They use this backwards logic to justify their campaign to “fix” young boys so they don’t grow up to be violent men.

So pathetic the feminist mind is…

To claim that violence is a part of masculinity simply because men commit the majority of violent crimes is the same thing as claiming that being protective is a part of masculinity simply because the majority of people that defend societies are men. A simple way to get around associating a good characteristic and a bad characteristic with the same word is to assign a different word for the bad characteristic. Thankfully, society has already given the bad characteristic a word.


Feminists propagate that the only way to reduce the number of violent men is to teach young boys to respect women. There is no advocating for girls to be taught that violence is wrong from feminists because according to feminist teachings, violence is a masculine trait.

You see what they did? The obviousness of what they did is only painfully mindboggling because of the fact that it worked. “Male violence” and measures to prevent it are the activities of college courses. “Toxic masculinity” is what is associated with men now. Feminists claim that men are violent because of the desire men have to live up to the societal view of what is masculine. They say that men fear being viewed as less of a man if they do not conform to “toxic masculinity”.

That’s bullshit.

A man cannot be less of a man. A man is a mammal. Man is a word used to describe the physical features of one half of the human species on the inside and the outside. So no matter what a man does socially or if he goes and has his penis cut off it doesn’t matter. A man is a man is a man.

“Toxic masculinity” is a term used by feminists in an attempt to destroy masculinity. Feminists do not want societies to recognize the fact that the characteristics associated with masculinity are predominantly male. They do not want men to be celebrated for their many contributions to civilization throughout history. Instead they want men to be viewed as violent and dangerous animals that only feminism can “fix”.

I for one, see through the lies feminism has put forth. The sad thing is most people don’t. For fucks sake this trash is in our schools. One of the saddest facts of life today is that men go to school and are taught that there is something wrong with them and virtually no one save a very small percentage of the population says anything about it.

It’s time to speak up.

What makes a man, a man?


What makes a man masculine?

You decide.

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