Silencing dissent

In the past, whenever I was told by a feminist that western women were oppressed, I always asked for details. In what particulars are women oppressed? Obviously, they never answered except with attempts to change the topic, hurl abuse, and spin puerile lies.

In fact, a substantial fraction of my writing, and the writing of many other MRAs necessarily focuses on deflating and debunking the torrents of lies propagated by feminists and their enablers.

Long ago, I lost interest in attempting to pursue honest discussion with adherents of a feminist ideology who almost universally demonstrate a contempt for honesty and valid data in their “arguments”.

If a statement leveled against men, or against MRAs is repeatedly demonstrated as factually false, but the statement is repeated repackaged, and re-used in defiance of its falsehood, those who knowingly rely falsehood to buttress their position are not honest actors.

Pointing out such failures of factual veracity is routine for most MRAs, and while sometimes tedious, fact checking a lying opponent is a way to self-check one’s own position. Active MRAs are still a tiny handful of men and women in western culture, and as one of them I am not immune to occasionally feeling like the only sane human in the world. Verifiable falsehoods, routinely cited by opponents of men’s rights serve as a reminder of the pervasive misandry and rapidly eroding civil rights of all westerners ( not just men, thank you ).

Occasionally, your opponents give you a gift, by doing something so obvious or absurd that they betray themselves to you. Last month Mary Kellet, the corrupt assistant district attorney pursuing no-evidence prosecutions to secure VAWA funding for her office tried to silence this website and others with a court order. Public discussion and examination of this incompetent and corrupt prosecutor was apparently too much to bear, so she tried to silence her critics with a gag order. I found this hilarious, and I really, truly hope she tries again. Hi Mary, thanks for visiting the site.

An urge to silence debate or dissent is, by the way, a totalitarian urge. The attempts by Kellet and others to silence discussion and criticism validates arguments made on AVFM regarding the escalation of an emerging police state.

Another such gift was provided by Christine Armstrong, a women’s shelter worker in Alabama. A week ago, Paul Elam wrote about her public accusations against him of various crimes, and her moronic and dishonest suggestion he should be treated by law enforcement as some sort of threat to public safety.

I’m sure I am not the only person who, hearing of this wildly unethical behavior by shelter employee Christine Armstrong thought: “what a scumbag”. However, as personally annoying as these calumnious lies are – seen from a longer viewpoint, they’re implicit expressions of the moral bankruptcy and desperation of the ideological enemies of human rights. If Armstrong or her fellow cockroaches had an argument worthy of being called such, they would field it rather than the puerile lies we are increasingly coming to expect.

They are obviously so intellectually, ethically and strategically bankrupt that their go-to tactic is to repeatedly and incompetently attempt the silencing of men’s rights activists.

What makes this even more interesting is that the failure to shut our friend Paul up is much more than a strategic failure for Armstrong and her ideological comrades – It’s revealing of the insubstantial tissue on which an ideology teeters. The increasingly desperate thrashing of organized feminism’s adherents provides a brightly illuminated radar echo for those of us with an investment in human rights and factual veracity in our arguments.

Also, thank you Christina. Keep trying.

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