A Modest Proposal for Male Reproductive Rights

Think about it, do you really believe that every one of these single mothers by choice were completely honest about their fertility status? Do you really think that married couples who ostensibly didn’t want that third child simply had a “happy little accident” just like mommy said? We also need to ask if this is good for children. Is it ok to force a man to finance a child that he cannot afford? Is it good for children that men who do not want children simply because they don’t really care to have them be forced into the parental role of father to a child that they didn’t want?

The End of Men

As to contempt for traditional masculinity, I have none. I don’t even know that anyone can tell me what it means (though many try). I’ll save my contempt for stupidity and chosen blindness. Let the “patriarch’s” of the word have their folly. It matters not to me. I will be busy surviving as they march themselves and their unfortunate progeny into the grinding halls of family justice. We’ll call it intellectual culling, and the world will be better for it.

Let Us Awake Now

According to an article in The Washington Post, the names of military men who commit suicide as a result of the trauma with which they suffer are not being listed on memorials to the ongoing War on Certain Kinds of Terror. The surviving families are quite understandably upset. There is another aspect of this story that is telling.