Bin Ladin Dead and All it Cost was Thousands of Young Men and The Truth

After 10 years, a few trillion dollars, countless thousands of  young men dead, disfigured and psychologically traumatized, Osama bin Laden is dead.

The streets of D.C. are now teeming with people, many wrapped in American Flags, chanting “U.S.A!!”  like they were at an international soccer match.  Fox News anchors are giddy; Geraldo looks to have had multiples in his $600.00 slacks; politicians, both civilian and military, are already coming out of the woodwork singing the praises of the Great American Military. Obama has taken credit and is reconfiguring his re-election strategy.  Feverish American nationalism is about to sweep the country like syphilis in a border town whorehouse.

Hollywood is gearing up its anti war liberals to make movies glorifying everything they claim to hate.

And woven into all the hoopla is the reminder that none of this really means anything; that the so called “war on terror,” will continue unabated, and likely even escalate.

The blow back from this will, in one way or another, result in more death, more destruction and more tyrannical bullshit from our government.

And no one in the mainstream, not one single blue pill gorging one of them, will consider for a moment that from the beginning this entire clusterfuck has been a matter not of American survival, but of corporate greed and violence on a worldwide scale.

This war is a CRUDE business.

The young men we have sacrificed and the families we have ripped apart, are just the fodder offered up for a corporatocracy that knows no limit to avarice and indecency.

If you are a young man reading this, stay out of the military. They will cut your legs off in the name of cutting a deal. And if you get killed they will hand your devastated parents a flag and tell them lies about why it happened.

Then they will forget you ever existed.

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