Tom Snark

Feminist Kia Abdullah Laughs At Recently Deceased Men

As reported on 30th June, three young British men were tragically killed in a bus crash in Thailand while on gap year from university.

One would think that the feminist sector might remain silent on the issue, since the accidental death of men has no obvious bearing upon issues of women’s rights or sexual equality – which, I am assured, is all feminism is really about. But then, feminists haven’t been particularly good at holding their tongues just lately, have they?

Those In Crass Houses

Policies that allow women to commit violence-by-proxy do not target only conservative men, or redneck men, or men who own firearms. They target all men, from the farm labourer to the army cadet to the sociology student. The resistance to feminism, naturally, comes from all sections of society, from the bottom rungs to the upper echelons. How else do we imagine a man – of any political persuasion – to respond, when he witnesses self-identified feminists cackling over their power to deprive men utterly of everything that makes life worth living? (And then, without pausing for breath, reaffirming their preferred metanarrative of female victimhood and male privilege.)

Conscious Men Guilty Of Misogyny

Yup. You spent all that time meticulously crafting those wonderful, beautiful apologies. You spent cumulative weeks in front of your webcam, stressing over which particular hat most sensitively expresses your spiritual unity with the divine feminine. And did the mortal Goddesses even acknowledge your strenuous efforts to absolve yourselves of original sin (i.e. the crime of being born male)?

Happy Father’s Day, You Piece Of Shit

In feminist thinking, ‘economic justice’ equates to criminalising and imprisoning as many men as possible – particularly those already victimised by circumstance or the feminist groups themselves. There is a certain inefficiency to their cruelty, however, since a man’s child support debts continue to accumulate while he sits in prison, obviously unable to work.

The feminists have a solution to this, though, and if you guessed slave labour camps, you would be right. I wish I was joking.

Till Death Do Us Part

Every time you see a happily married couple, keep this in mind. That happiness is a guise. They want you to believe that they are just as normal as all the other couples who are pretending to be happy. Underneath the surface lurks trouble, discord, and a man who knows that freedom comes with a hefty price tag.