Conscious Men Guilty Of Misogyny

A ‘new study’ by ‘feminist psychologists’ has concluded, surprisingly, that there’s still lots of sexism around to justify the researchers’ paychecks.

But we’re not talking about ‘rape culture’ or ‘the old boys club’ or sexual objectification or anything like that.

No, we’re talking about things like holding doors open or offering technical assistance.

And, notably, we’re talking about

romantic statements from men about how they cannot live without a woman or how much they ‘cherish’ women, said the study.

Now, who does that remind me of?

Oh yeah, those guys.

And also, it reminds me of Lyin’ Lion Goodman, who has expended far too many keystrokes grovelling at the feet of abstract womanhood.

Well guess what, guys? You did all that, and they still think you’re a bunch of sexists.

Yup. You spent all that time meticulously crafting those wonderful, beautiful apologies. You spent cumulative weeks in front of your webcam, stressing over which particular hat most sensitively expresses your spiritual unity with the divine feminine. And did the mortal Goddesses even acknowledge your strenuous efforts to absolve yourselves of original sin (i.e. the crime of being born male)?


They think of you in pretty much the same way they think of, well … guys like me.

You know – unconscious men.

That’s precisely what it says in the study, by the way – that the men who make romantic statements about cherishing women are still sexist, but they’re doing it unconsciously.

even men who seem enlightened could be unknowingly committing daily acts of sexism.

That must hurt to hear, for a “conscious” man.

In fact, it pretty much wrecks everything you set out to do, doesn’t it?

It may seem hopeless now, but don’t give up, Gay and Arjuna. Keep chasing that dream; ascend to an even higher level of consciousness (distancing yourselves ever further from the riff-raff). And one day, somewhere, somehow, you might finally reach that toilet bowl at the end of the rainbow.

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