Feminist Kia Abdullah Laughs At Recently Deceased Men

As reported on 30th June, three young British men were tragically killed in a bus crash in Thailand while on gap year from university.

One would think that the feminist sector might remain silent on the issue, since the accidental death of men has no obvious bearing upon issues of women’s rights or sexual equality – which, I am assured, is all feminism is really about.

But then, feminists haven’t been particularly good at holding their tongues just lately, have they?

Kia Abdullah is a writer for the pro-feminist Guardian newspaper. In one column, which is (of course) all about herself, she makes her feminist credentials perfectly clear:

I, like most women, want financial security, comfort, love and warmth, but for those of us who have grown up fighting patriarchy, it’s difficult to allow a man to guide and support us, be it a father, lover or a boss.

So, what was self-identified feminist Kia Abdullah’s response to the news that three men had died in a road accident?

Is it really awful that I don’t feel sympathy for anyone killed on a gap yaar? That’s awful, right? Yes, I’m a terrible person.

I actually smiled when I saw that they had double-barrelled surnames. Sociopathic?

Well, I think this speaks for itself. So long as we’re all aware that a feminist like Kia Abdullah would have never said such a thing if that bus had been carrying three young women on a gap year, then we can all agree that Ms. Abdullah deserves her very own entry at register-her.com. Category: Bigot. And once the submission forms are made public in a few days time, I have a feeling that she may well get what she deserves.

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