J Galt

Fuck ’em!!!

If ever the people rise up in a single voice and say “enough,” they need to first consider who should be listening to them. The phantasm we refer to as the “Government” doesn’t really exist. Bureaucrats are another matter entirely.

Innocence Deferred Until Judged

You believed you were safe and protected and you want those beliefs back. But you can’t get it from the people you believed would protect you, because they didn’t.” Anger is the best defense to protect any innocence that remains.

Vacationing In Duluth

If I am a man that can determine that my relationship is unhealthy and wish to opt out, how do I avoid the warfare that the system and its institutions impose on me? If I do not feel obligated to work it out, how can I leave without being pulled into a war?

Dancing With My Lady

Imagine if you can, visually, a task that requires you to insert a round rubber stub 1 inch diameter by ½ inch long into a tube that will hold it in place while you drill through it and repeat this task ten thousand times.

Pulling Back The Foreskin

It is curious to consider that rape for a woman does not represent a biological contradiction to her utility as it would and does for a male victim of rape. Yet we pay the male victim no fare. This ethical contradiction suggests that female rape may be better represented as a property crime. It may be better simply to issue rape insurance to women as some governments are now offering the payout. Once privatized, behaviors that may contribute to the occurrence can be scrutinized by female executive peers who may be wildly unimpressed with slut-walks and more diligent with their ethics.

Connecting the Dots

Everything you know comes from your brain. It’s like a library, but before you can know something your brain has to get the information, it has to put books on its shelves. Your brain collects information your whole life and stores it in your library, in your brain. Just like a library you can’t read all the books at the same time, so when you wonder about something or become curious your brain will check to see if it has information that it can give you.