J Galt

The fatherhood effect

You should be very careful when talking to kids. Responsibility is an obligation; an availability; an act of listening, taking account. The only time we listen to our children is when we need evidence to correct and control them.

I graduated from Screw U

Given the moves in the UK to financially empower the accusation mill princesses, I’m wondering when they’ll start assigning the tuition fees of “victims” to the falsely accused as restitution.

Fuck ’em!!!

If ever the people rise up in a single voice and say “enough,” they need to first consider who should be listening to them. The phantasm we refer to as the “Government” doesn’t really exist. Bureaucrats are another matter entirely.

Innocence Deferred Until Judged

You believed you were safe and protected and you want those beliefs back. But you can’t get it from the people you believed would protect you, because they didn’t.” Anger is the best defense to protect any innocence that remains.

Vacationing In Duluth

If I am a man that can determine that my relationship is unhealthy and wish to opt out, how do I avoid the warfare that the system and its institutions impose on me? If I do not feel obligated to work it out, how can I leave without being pulled into a war?