Crossing The Rubicon-sciousness

[dropcap]T[/dropcap]o say that we are creatures of habit is to boor the hell out of anyone with a pulse. Habit is the quintessential fuel of stupidity. Sensible to that is to note that one is a safe stove while the other an unattended fire. Rendering warmth or a meal from either is a job done, but the latter is hardly a remedy and a short career. But let’s not deconstruct the flavors of habit or the depth of stupidity. Let’s not present evidence for prosecuting our own behavior. It’s a personal thing – habit, as is stupidity. To deconstruct safely is to point away from us and at something in the safe distance, such that the object of our exercise is unable to get their hands around our throat as a reasonable response. In this case brilliance flourishes, apparently.

This is the nature of intelligence and the true scale by which it is measured. Fact is and let me make this clear, intelligence has nothing to do with acquired academe or a measured outcome of wealth. Its single standard and measure is the ability to be unaccountable. The primordial definition would be called survival. If you’re still alive and unscathed after whatever encounter you engaged then apparently you have not been held accountable you survived and you are intelligent. I had a teacher in junior high school offer to explain that the evidence of an evolving society can be found in the migration away from a standard that “might is right” toward a standard of collective justice.

I once told this to a cop beating me with a baton and quickly realized his unwillingness to migrate. I believe his response was “that’s right fucker it’s just us and I’m here to collect.” Once he determined that I wasn’t the perpetrator he immediately withdrew to a position of unaccountability.

[quote float=”left”]What’s particularly interesting about men is they usually point the finger of blame at themselves. [/quote] “Hey bud no broken bones so no foul, eh?”. Well didn’t I feel stupid, as I slipped into unconsciousness. Only later could I conclude that my teacher had not determined an intelligent position or insight but had defaulted to habitual stupidity and had offered to take me along for the ride. Her ultimate message to me was; if your brain is baffled by bullshit, you must be civilized. More likely you are on a leash and the state has established its “right to might.”

Once entrenched in a sphere of habitual safety and unaccountability we’re good, literally. We are then well prepared for the repose of neuro-stimulating emotional tourism, a softer baton – more rhythmic than threatening. I am left to wonder at times if the quality of our ethics and our Gods are not more than a cautious selection to accent the décor. Not more than a drunken repose of dopamine, serotonin and oxytocin. The real drugs of choice, the ones we always have access to.

I’m a reductionist which means I’m pretty much a simpleton by choice but also when it counts. I like the challenge of new ideas and love to dip into shit I know nothing about and don’t understand. I deduce and deconstruct in a sort of Fibonacci pattern of occurrence and reoccurrence. I once had an employer in building maintenance who thought I was a mechanical savant; I however thought he was a habitual dipshit. He liked to buy car dealerships and renovate them.

Something I learned a long time ago is that if you’re unwilling then you’re unsuccessful and the whole process starts and ends in your head. Case in point, during one of those renovations I was asked to repair a cabled car hoist seized in the floor. The caveat was make it work but don’t touch those cables. So let me get this straight, you want me to fix it but don’t touch it is that correct? Yea! Look dipshit why don’t you go away and play with your wallet, there’s less moving parts. If you’re going to start at the finish line what’s the point of the race?

[quote float=”right”]It places the politics on the skin, and then it gets the hose again.[/quote] It is here that I would like to say that many men through personal experiences that evict them from their lives often start at the finish line. They reach for the easiest conclusions to their pain, and like women they point the finger of blame in retaliation, and hate. What’s particularly interesting about men is they usually point the finger of blame at themselves. You may have listened to the edition of BTR regarding false accusations with Paul and Dr. T – an excellent show that compelled me to call in. I’ll apologize for the dramatic tone of my voice. That is in fact the way I talk when I feel passionate about the subject.

My passion lies in my experience of the male double bind that many men experience and I have experienced myself. It’s the heads you lose, tails you lose kind of thinking that too many men live under. I think men need to change their perspective on the experience and reframe the meaning from condemnation to celebration. Let’s face it, to be accountable is to be responsible and in a world of female agitprop you may be the last man standing. I struggle to abandon this thinking and suspend popular judgments. I reject factory widget politics and cookie cutter definition.

I have gone ghost on political correctness and reject the main stream soliloquy of entitlement propaganda. If I argue my position I am abusive; if I withdraw from discord I am abusive; if I fail to provide, I am abusive. Fundamentally, if I do not submit to the lies and accept the ever changing definition of my crime I am abusive. I am unpatriotic, I am an anarchist and in the current political climate a terrorist, but only accused. What I really am is an individual, informed and tempered by the experience of my life I am not a piece of inventory.


I’m old enough to realize my life is an evolution; a developmental progression. It does not require correction more than it requires living, by me. It has seasons of strength and seasons of frailty, of confidence and confusion. Feminism and the female political agitprop however seek to turn men into a “Buffalo Bill” style sociopath from the movie “The Silence of the Scam.” The skin of their political science is just that and awaiting the dancer to transform as a butterfly of collectible design and virtue. Its mantra is clear, it places the politics on the skin, and then it gets the hose again.

If you’re even marginally confused by the “Buffalo Bill” analogy I’m going to spell it out. I was recently directed by our brother Denis to an article highlighting an assault on a 15 year old student by a 30 year old teacher. The assault was 300 fold as told by the student and occurred over the course of 2 years. He had pressed charges some 5 years after the occurrence and did it at the prompting of people who quite likely saw the damage of the experience unfold in his life. He was obviously affected and the effects were detrimental to him and to his development.

He flunked out of his university courses and was unable to cope with what he had experienced and endured. But he could not see himself as the victim of emotional manipulation and coercion. It took his family and peers to award him an understanding of his own experience and define for him the wrong that was done. He sought legal remedy for his pain and filed charges with a police force that dragged their feet and struggled themselves with the charges.

In a follow up article presented at the Huffington Post, the online feminist rag of all that is right and wrong with men who proceeded to smear him.

The smear however was not direct, it was rather insidious, conniving and coercive to the reader. In a clear case of rape and the seriousness of the charge, they presented all the support possible but not to the victim, their support went to the perpetrator, the now 40 year old woman, Tania Pontbriand. Their method was effective and garnered the response they obviously desired, disbelief and ridicule. They did this by the adept use of words such as “sexual encounter”, “having an affair”, “continue their illicit affair” and “two-year relationship”. These words are all too common in media descriptions of crimes committed by women against boys. These are words that you would never see if the opposite occurred to a young girl. The outrage would echo across the land. They did, however, garner the effect that was sought, in the comments section of the article could be seen the following.

[quote]As a female teacher of adolescent boys for the past 24 years, all I can say is ewwwww. They aren’t even attractive.[/quote]

But if they did become attractive would this be another predator awaiting her turn? And the following;

[quote]What’s wrong with this fellow? This should be a dream come true for a young guy![/quote]

Another unchallenged predator that believes her privilege is somehow God given, and unable to see the sickness of her beliefs. But in a reversal of gender she would immediately see the damage and the crime.

It is in the subtle language of the article that describes a relationship that didn’t exist. It is a relationship that most of us would believe because the victim was a male. But I would challenge anyone to find the same language, the same characterizations and the same freedom to humiliate if the victim was a 15 year old female. Is there a “rape culture”? You be the judge.

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