All women are like that: The law says so

[dropcap]F[/dropcap]or those still struggling with this term, or sitting on the fence to avoid insulting a potential ally you may feel deserves consideration for her views and positions, I have one thing to say. Wake the fuck up. What I’m forwarding here is the notion, no, the understanding, that men are held to a standard of principle that informs their responsibility to their family, to their community, to their neighbor, to their country and lastly to themselves. These standards and principles are represented in law.

What is the standard for a woman? Please tell me what standard in this community of man, this thing we call civilization, that we hold women accountable to. When you find yourself unable to answer that simple question you may briskly move on to understand that “she” is no longer your partner in civilization. “She” is not your equal. “She” is an object of maintenance. “She,” by legal definition, is a seasonal tool, best left in the garden. if you truly wish to extend consideration to anyone, exercise your consideration while that very person stands on the merits of their own principles. In most cases “she” will not.

It is all too common that while we politicize language with new and sensitized understandings, language in and of itself has a purpose. With it comes definition to contribute to common understanding. More now than ever we need to remove the sophistry of emotional language and the entitlements it provides.  We cannot award entitlement as systemic policy to the citizenry based on a narrow and personalized definition of personal injury.

We cannot legislate the boogey-man that is conjured by the poor mental health of fear and intellectual dishonesty of hysteria out of our closets and from under our beds. We must leave the postpartum depression of our victimization and struggle for a self-determination and purpose. We cannot protect all the children or the women hiding behind them. They too must learn to act on their own behalf and on behalf of those children.

For those who have read it or may recall a previous article in which I stated “There is nothing noble left of woman, she is as vile a creature as any man she describes.” Pretty salty words but truer words I couldn’t knit with a #8 darning needle. To flesh this out a little further, consider the popular descriptions of men and take a moment to look at what you ignore about women and particularly those feminist women. If you would like to avoid a schism with an ism you should certainly consider a viable template with which to measure.

Bigots: a person who holds blindly and intolerantly to a particular creed, opinion, a narrow-minded, prejudiced person. This certainly qualifies as an extension of the ism itself, after all what is political correctness if not bigotry plain and simple. Reality itself is a perception, not a rigid construct.

Hypocrites: a person who pretends to be what he or she is not; one who pretends to be better than is really so, or to be pious, virtuous, etc. without really being so. Well hey this almost inspires me to provide a list, Michelle. This one definitely applies to the duckwalk feminists. You know, same quack but they just refuse to fly south. Can anyone see the egalitarian feminist laws as serving or protecting anyone but women? Do they even serve to protect male children?

Sexist: discrimination against people on the basis of sex. Welcome to every university in the western world that is governed by “Women’s Studies”. This is hatred and sexism on tap with more foam than the beer, a woeful and dead institution that will only survive with gender segregation.

Predator: a person, group, company, or state that steals from others or destroys others for gain. I think more importantly is to name the most predatory sports: marriage, sex, taxes and the latest addition – college and university campuses.  Nuff said.

Violent: acting with or characterized by great physical force, so as to injure, force unlawfully or callously, strong feeling or emotion; vehement; furious emotionally disturbed to an uncontrollable degree extreme; intense tending to distort the meaning. Somewhat more seriously, this is certainly a definition that requires your attention and you may need to completely re-script your perspective and understanding of this word. Please notice that violent is not narrowly defined as making physical contact and is understood to include furious emotionally, disturbed to an uncontrollable degree. You really need to consider parsing the implications and your understanding of this.

Do not misinterpret the violence that has been perpetrated against you simply because the wounds you suffer often require them to be acknowledged by another. The feminist “Domestic Violence Industry” has made every effort to hijack the meaning of violence and frame it as an occurrence that cannot happen to a man. As in the definition that includes intense, tending to distort the meaning, there is not a woman on this planet that has not or will not resort to this.

For very many men this would describe the constant state of violence under which they live from day to day. It is deemed to be 100 percent socially acceptable. It is a level of violence that we have all witnessed in public, in our schools and playgrounds and in our homes and families. It needs to be identified for what it is each and every time it occurs. Call it out and refuse to submit to it.

Review the definition carefully and understand the threshold of its occurrence. If we as men commit to ending violence we must also commit to ending the violence perpetrated against us. Any woman that cannot respect the complete definition of violence needs to be identified for the batterer that she is. She batters esteem and confidence; she batters security and safety, she batters masculinity into silence and suffering. Her violence is identifiable by the tactics and language of shame which she herself would never submit to. If you attempt to defend yourself from this violence she will resort to her use of state thugs to impose her violence.

She is truly a piece of unrepentant shit far beyond the pale and willfully exchanges your pain for her entitlement. Spontaneous physical violence rarely occurs without paid state functionaries present to implement it. Violence in the vast majority of cases is mutual; it begins with an attitude and is served with threats. We can all understand the largest threat of violence looming is the state and she will use it each time you refuse to submit. Until we acknowledge this occurrence of violence we will continue to suffer from the social effects. We all ignore the true nature of violence and it’s threat, the feminist “Domestic Violence Industry” sanctions and promotes it with a bias that is itself violent. Because we deem it acceptable our politicians and our law enforcement are free to cherry pick the most economically viable definition. It’s time we to say enough and end the lies and the false accusations. It’s simply time to walk when it starts and not look back.       

Accuser: prosecutor, plaintiff, objector, complainant, libellant, informant, district attorney, court, law, judicial party, suitor, petitioner, litigant, delator, adversary, opposer, opponent, informer, government witness, state witness, rat*, stool pigeon*, fink. We can now understand that the war on men is no different than the war on drugs. It is only in the proximity of a woman that your most profound constitutional protections are removed. Your greatest safety constitutionally is to remove her completely from your presence. It is only with her presence that you can be accused at all.

Batterer: to subject somebody to persistent attack or violence, to damage or injure something by hard blows or heavy wear. Let’s play a game. Can you find the words in this definition that represent batterer but do not require physical contact? If you can you are likely a healthy person. If you can’t you are likely to be a woman, or a feminist or both. You may even be employed by the “Domestic Violence” industry. And if you aren’t, you qualify.

It is important for men to know and accept that the romance of life is gone, it has left in a political whirlwind of accusation. We live in times of entitlement and restitution and knowing this may save you from being cannibalized by a pretender. It is for your personal safety and your constitutional rights to liberty, that we men – all of us – must dismiss these women from our lives completely and permanently.

It is time to suspend our chivalry completely. Remove the armor so brilliantly white and shining. You, after all, don’t own it. She does. And it’s time to give it back. It is time now more than ever for men to be heroes to their brothers; to other men. It is time for men to speak up against the false accusations, the false representations the false science and the misandry of our society. To see it and to challenge it and deny its governance; to simply accept that there is nothing noble left of woman. She is as vile a creature as any man she describes.

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