Fuck ’em!!!

That’s right. Fuck ’em.

I find myself constantly reading articles and comments testing the politeness and context of gender politics and tearing them apart in my head. I’m constantly looking for the bullshit beliefs that are delivered as the polite default to what we see as normal. One that’s been squirming in my head for some time now is a comment I read suggesting that men are somehow arrogant to take employment for granted.  Men somehow expect employment in a traditional form as part of their traditional patriarchal role as family provider. It sounds and tastes like bullshit the more I chew on it.

Affirmative action for the employment of women has been the default now for at least 30 years. Initially it was a civil rights’ amendment forwarded by JFK to serve minorities and blacks in 1961. N.O.W., on their website, gives countless reasons for the continuation, however Hanna Rosin portrays the end of men as a contradiction to the political lies.

Trust a woman to whine about the flavor of ice cream while engorging herself on it. I skipped over to YouTube and caught some clips by Rev. Jesse Jackson discussing “AA.” He was questioning the white face of woman standing at the head of the line refusing to yield to minorities.

[quote float=”left”]Maybe it’s time for bureaucrats to have an indexed income consistent with national averages.[/quote] Who knows, maybe the thinking of feminists is that minorities have the same sense of entitlement to put food on the table as men do. Of course minorities and men with equal access to employment don’t seem to follow slogans like “You Can Have it All.” They tend to portray their participation in employment as representing responsible and committed community partnership. After all, just who has ever heard a woman described as a provider in comparison to men?

Just exactly what does the employment of women contribute to the well-being of a man in the family? Haven’t women proved that they control the definition of a man in the family and intend to maintain that control? Sorry pal, you’re just ice cream and likely not even the right flavor.

We seem to miss the points of real entitlement in the exchange. “AA” should have included policies to enable men back into the home. Feminists describe home life, child rearing and caregiving as slavery but for some reason don’t support men being present in the home or in the lives of their children. Describing men as arrogant for expecting employment is dwarfed by the entitlement of women to not only the home and family but the work space too. Women and feminists have openly stated that in society there is no viable place for men. Women are guaranteed protections in the home, physically and financially, and are guaranteed the same in the workplace. Men, however, are just guaranteed to pay for it.

I went to a store to purchase a bathing suit for my son. I looked around for a salesperson and none could be found. I went to the cash register to discover three women huddled around chatting. I asked if anyone was working the floor. Two of the women said they were. I went to the manager to complain, because they weren’t.

At a local grocer I went to the deli counter and took a number for service. Fourteen people were ahead of me and four women were behind the counter, all serving the same woman; I went to the manager. In the same store one man was serving at the butchers counter, no line up, no waiting; I took a number and he said I didn’t need to — everybody was number one.

Whether you have noticed or not, customer service to the public has taken a deadly nose dive throughout the retail sector. The same fucking entitlement supported by “AA” has permeated the attitudes of people in the workplace and their ability to serve the public.  I don’t stand for it anymore and I complain – and loud. I don’t niggle. I prefer to confront people for re-scripting their responsibilities to their employer and to their customers. I strongly suggest you do the same. These members of the pussy-pass posse have managers, and their managers need to know about their deficiencies.

My personal opinion is that real employment entitlements come from government appointed tenure. A bureaucrat locked into the land of milk and honey with an income over 50 grand is really not making much of a contribution to society. In fact, they have a vested interest in making sure nothing changes for them. It’s no different for “AA” for women. More tit less equality. I believe it’s time to stop accepting the status quo of what’s offered.

Maybe it’s time for bureaucrats to have an indexed income consistent with national averages. Sort of share the burden of reality and buy into the need for changes that affect all communities. Imagine the levers of power that control this nation having an interest in improving poverty because they share the limits that poverty inflicts. As a side note I just want to say that I personally could never figure out why the “war on terrorism” never included financial and economic terrorism, but instead got a pass.

I digress. Given the current state of employment and the increasing unemployment of men, I can’t figure out why “AA” hasn’t become “Afirmative Action Anonymous” let’s get everyone back to work. The biggest reason for suffering unemployment is that controls to govern it are not in the hands of the people experiencing it, but in the hands of people with a job and money. I don’t want to get ideologically liberal or messianic here, but does anyone know what an assault rifle costs and will they accept food stamps?

[box icon=”nonw”]If ever the people rise up in a single voice and say “enough,” they need to first consider who should be listening to them. The phantasm we refer to as the “Government” doesn’t really exist. It is, in fact, people; warm blooded (and often cold) that inhabit the unaccountable policies and positions that govern our lives, empowering who they choose and disenfranchising the rest. It is in your home and living room and at your dinner table that they deliver their promises, controls, restrictions and poverty.[/box]

Should the people ever choose to be heard, it is at the very doorstep of tenured bureaucrats that the point should be made. At their homes and living rooms, not at empty buildings that represent the policies and ghosts that enable and dispense entitlement. It is those standing behind the curtain and impressing us all with the omniscience of their machine that need to hear the message.  It is the bureaucrats that are the machine of policy and it is these people that need to embrace the full force of accountability to the people, not to the ne’re do well managers that we elect.

I also watched the vid by Alex Jones you will find to the right on this page. My impression of the news coverage of Ron Paul is that men need to make a full frontal attack on the mainstream media, all out. Every fucking statement needs to be rebutted by video all over the internet. We need to dilute the message of MSM so extensively that nobody will be influenced, because the choices will be too diverse. Every pundit out there needs to be called up for the lying piece of shit that they are. The fact that in every case these human thought viruses represent nothing more than a purchased position on a “them only” channel. They need to be utterly wiped out and destroyed.

It’s easy to do: Make a 30 second video telling Sharon from “OZ” Osbourne that her personal politics on violence define her as human waste, next. When someone does a search, they will be overwhelmed by the counter argument; they will be left with no choice but to think for themselves. Every video should include the words “We are and I am the mainstream media.” The rest are entitlement whores that are lying. FTSU permanently. I think the shorter the video the more it may be viewed. Do it in audio with the picture of the piece of shit you are challenging.

I’d love to have a FTSU forum, to discuss passive methods of fucking up the mainstream. Things like using return postage envelopes to get rid of junk mail. Always paying 5 cents less when you issue a check to pay your bills and the virtue of cell phone jammers and how to retune them to the police band. Making prank DV calls to the police and giving them the address of a bureaucrat or politician. Hey, people, maybe we can make the system work for us.

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