I graduated from Screw U

[dropcap]I[/dropcap]n an open air college staffed by ruthless educators, my major was political yeast infections. My minor was yeast infected politics. My graduating thesis was a study of the effects of female Co2 emissions and climate change. We determined that if women would stop whining we could save the planet. We decide to publish our findings in a documentary film called, “An Inconvenient Ruth.”

As a fragmented and disenfranchised “rape culture,” we will be applying to the United Nations Human Right’s Tribunal for minority status rights and additionally seeking affirmative action status and federal funding, after all, in the words of Harlequin, a little “rape culture” is better than no culture at all. Personally I think the whole issue is based on wishful dinking.

Some time ago when I was in my forties, I considered going back to school I was really interested in a programming course and I have a real love of database design. At the time I thought I’d go all out and take a course and get certification for Oracle. I did the usual; went to the local college, saw what was available, found an information seminar and signed up.  When I went to this info seminar I was really astonished at the level of absolute bullshit that was being shoveled.

I have worked in sales and I happen to know the color of bullshit and with my eyes closed. I can even smell it. What I was being peddled was nothing short of a sales job and a half assed con job to promote a half assed product and a meager nod of qualification from an educational institution. I was really pissed that this bimbo had the nerve to waste my time with statements like, “certification in Oracle will get you a job in the income bracket of 60-80 grand, so it’s easy to justify the 25 grand fee we charge for the eight months we offer.”

My response to her presentation was, well if that’s how you justify your fees why don’t you charge 30 percent of my first year of income. I fail to see the relationship, but I’m stubborn and her position to me was unethical and I told her so. Education, in my eyes, should not be trivialized and can affect the quality of your life. So given my position on such crap I elected to not submit myself to the debt and figured I could achieve the same or better results online.  I’ve lost confidence and trust in our education system and feel for the most part that it’s a cheat for money.

The public school system has infantilized education to the point where tax dollars simply finance the babysitting of kids. Unless you live in an empowered wealthy community that enjoys real education, don’t expect any. Of course the education they failed to give you in your youth can be charged for in community college so you can pay twice to get what you should have gotten the first time.

I pretty much advocate for closing all the schools, sending the kids home and firing all the assholes that pretend to be teachers and administrators. I’m sure they would be willing to babysit for half the price once unemployed and the bonus is if you don’t like them they can take a walk. Which leads to the issue at hand that is twisting my thoughts like wet panties on a romance novel binge of feminist entitlement.

After reading about all the bullshit that young men are being put through on university campuses, like female studies, rape culture indoctrination and, frankly, the little princesses themselves, it’s time someone said enough. Why are we putting up with this absolute bullshit of entitlement for women at the complete expense of men?Trust me when I say there isn’t one institution on the continent worth the bullshit that’s being peddled.

I don’t see any reason for it to continue. Why not move to complete gender segregation and leave the bitch fest to the whiners? I don’t see why men should have to put up with women on campuses at all. We need smaller institutions and more of them with choice. I see no reason for a man to endanger his education, his future and his reputation to appease some entitlement princess. I think at this point most guys in university would be quite happy to attend an all-male facility. Even get rid of the propaganda parade of bullshit studies from their curriculum and study something in the real world. How about Texas Hold’em? If education is turned into an accusation gamble at least introduce the possibility to win.

Women's Studies 101

When I see the never ending cascade of rape culture hysteria and myth permeating the esteemed faculties of academe I am truly worried for the future of honesty, integrity and ethics. I’m particularly concerned for the ability to conceptualize it and teach it to our youth. Given the moves in the UK to financially empower the accusation mill princesses with homes and money, I’m left to wonder when they will start assigning the tuition fees of “victims” to the falsely accused as restitution.

I can’t see why an internal franchise of study such as women’s studies or male studies cannot act as a governing body to oversee the direction of those who enroll and pay their fees. In other words, my fees are directed to the faculty of male studies and they oversee the direction, quality and substance of studies. If you don’t wish to be subjected to female studies and the propaganda that they support you shouldn’t have to. Feminism isn’t monolithic, right?

How about a choice since I’m the one paying the fees? Let’s get the government right the hell out of our educational institutions and stop them from fucking them up completely.  I hope young men with the support of their parents start challenging this crap in our universities and demand changes that will serve to enhance education.

Maybe young men should consider distance learning online and asking or demanding these universities provide the service. If nothing else it will be a safer environment for men and the princesses can get on with their binge drinking and sidewalk sliding. I’ve always believed that better solutions are available; we need only demand service for our dollars. Given the on campus politics and sexism that is running rough shod over this generation, I don’t count these institutions as viable alternatives to our educational futures. But hey, we already destroyed the family – why not education, too?

Maybe it’s time to introduce legislation or contract clauses that protect young men on campus. When that facility determines that a young mans presence must be curtailed, force them to provide distance learning or refund their tuition entirely from day one. Personally when a man on campus is falsely accused and sanctioned I think the university should be sued up the wazoo. I also think their current agreements should be reviewed for legal ambiguities and they should be sanctioned until they clean them up.

But then I also believe that leveling an accusation that cannot be substantiated should automatically subject the accuser to the exact penalties that the accused would otherwise suffer. I do have some radical notions when it comes to institutions and bureaucrats. How about we remove the accountability clause from these people, to the extent that anyone who does not fulfill the obligation of their position can be personally sued? If you’re a faculty member and use your influence improperly and affect tuition paying students you get personally sued with no protections from that institution. How about using the same kangaroo court style they offer to the accused to affect that lawsuit?

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