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Paul Interviews Girl Writes What

This week on AVFM Radio, you are invited to join host Paul Elam for a special interview with AVFM Contributing Editor Karen Straughan, also known as Girl Writes What. Paul will be asking Karen a variety of questions about the men’s movement, libertarian politics and, of course, sex.

AVfM Radio: What is a man?

What is a man? A simple question,difficult to answer other than by conformity to public narrative. One narrative happens to say in a never-ending cycle of message that a man is a beast, a predator, a cretin, a dolt, a rapist.

AVFM Radio: Postmodern poison

How can the users of feminist tactics continue to see themselves as anything except an irrational mob. The answer, or at least a part of the answer may be that they are not modern thinkers. Their thought echoes that of a primitive, emotionally driven mob.

AVFM Radio: Top Down Sexism

In Africa, UN aids fights the spread of HIV – by mutilating boys and men, because as we all know, if you’re circumcised, you dont need a condom. And the “children’s charity” plan international is sending your money to help girls only.