AVfM Radio: the lie of omission


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In addressing the human rights concerns pf men and boys, it quickly becomes obvious that our culture’s prevailing ideology of gender is not simply an obstruction, but an active opponent to the universality of basic human rights. In that opposition, a relentless repetition of false facts and half-truth is principal in the tool kit of gender ideologues opposing human rights.

Tonight, we’ll be looking at the lie of omission. A superficially true statement, which purposefully omits context to cultivate the illusion that the whole truth is what was mentioned is such a lie.

1 in X number of women is abused. And no mention of the number of men simlarly abused, implying, by omission that it is zero.

Girl Writes What, The WoolyBumblebee and John the other will be filling in what our gender ideologue superiors have been habitually leaving out.

Tonight on A Voice for men radio at 6 PM Pacific Time, 8PM Mountain Time


call in number for the show is 310 388 9709


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