AVfM-R: Conscious Agency, do you have it?


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Hypo-agency, which we’ve talked about repeatedly at AVFM, is a cultivated public perception of the indirect use of social power through the combined social narrative elements of feminine helplessness, male power, and the relationship of male public identity to female approval.

Usually, hypo-agency has been discussed in the context of a traditional conservative framework for relationships between men and women, but it certainly exists outside that context as well, even when expressed in different language.

The converse phenomenon to feminine hypo agency is tonight’s topic on AVfM radio, and is described by the phrase conscious agency.

And the question asked tonight by Girl Writes What, John the Other, The Wooly Bumblebee and James Huff; asked of everyone from MRAs, MHRA’s and the most radical of radical feminists is this. Conscious agency, do you have it?


Call in number for the show is 310 388 9709

Show time is 6PM Pacific, 8PM Mountain.


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