Paul Elam: A conversation with Stardusk


Men Going Their Own Way. Are they a movement? Are they just a reaction to modern realities faced by men? Are they a bunch of losers that don’t want to grow up? Are they the smartest of men because they are taking the path of wisdom?

Can they even be defined in monolithic terms?

And importantly, where to most MGTOWs stand on relationships with women?

Tomorrow, in a special episode of AVFM Radio, Paul Elam will have a discussion with YouTuber and MGHOW Stardusk. We will spend an hour putting our fingers on the pulse of the growing MGTOW phenomenon. And of course, you are welcome to call in with your questions and comments.

Note: Instead of the normal time, the show will air at 1 PM Central Time.

The call in number for the show is 310-388-9709.




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