AVFM Radio: Top Down Sexism

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Organized sexism world wide, a hate movement in the UN.

International aid agencies tell a palatable story, they paint themselves in the colors of Samaritans, and they even announce who they exclude from available help, by omitting their mention in favor of more decorative and popular recipients. After the Earthquake in Haiti, the United Nations organized food and water distribution with an explicit mandate to help, but giving food and water to only women, and excluding men. The tragedy of a natural disaster exploited to engage in society wide social re-engineering, placing the one group of people over another.

Now an international children’s charity organized through the United Nations is using your tax dollars and your trust to place the well-being and the humanity of one group over another, again. Girls count as humans, boys apparently do not. Under another name, this is the same organization who, while opposing the religious ritual sexual mutilation of female infants, is actively pursuing the sexual mutilation of men and boys across Africa, using the wholly phony claim that circumcision curtails the transmission of aids. The international consultant for UN Aids, by the way, stands to make millions of dollars through the use of patented equipment to be used in this culture wide mission of mutilation. The words corruption, cruelty, and sadism don’t even begin to describe what Bob O’hara, Kristina Hansen, Girl Writes What and James Huff will be talking about tonight, on a Voice for Men Radio

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