AVfM Radio: What is a man?

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What is a man?

This is a simple question, but difficult to answer in any sense other than conformity to public narrative.

Public narrative, which happens to say in a never-ending cycle of messages that a man is a beast, a predator, a cretin, a dolt, a rapist, a loser, a barely tolerable hair covered beer drinking fart emitting boobs and football fascinated obsolete and not quite human inconvenient waste of space.

This message prevalent in our media is of course both a lie, and a message of hatred.

So what is a man?

Tonight, Girl Writes What, the Wooly Bumblebee, John the Other and James Huff will toss this question around. And they might even have an answer.

Listen tonight at 6PM Pacific Time, 8 PM Mountain time at


Call in number for the show is 310 388 9709


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