AVfM Radio: N.O.W. says hello sailor!

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Well, it’s Thursday again, and that means A Voice for Men Radio is coming on in a few hours over at blogtalkradio.com / avoiceformen – and Girl Writes What, Woolly Bumblebee, James Huff, and me, John the Other, will be on to talk about stuff. But what stuff exactly is it this week?

This is the second episode of AVFM radio for 2013, and in case you haven’t noticed 2012 was a hell of a year for the men’s rights movement. So much so that the landscape, the tides and even gravity are not arranged in the ways they have been for most of our lifetimes. So tonight on AVFM radio, we’ll be talking about what that means for the human rights of men and boys, and more specifically, what that means in terms of real hazard and physical risk for individuals in this human rights movement. This is not a show for you to miss.

And we’ll also be inviting the directors and members of the National Organization for Women to join us on air on A Voice for Men Radio, and sending Arthur Goldwag of the Southern Poverty Law Center a text message reminding him to pick up a couple flats of beer before he comes for dinner. –

Join us at 8PM Central Time, 6PM Pacific Time for AVfM Radio: NOW says Hello Sailor!




Call-in number is 310 388 9709


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