AVFM Radio: Postmodern poison

For serious activists in the men’s rights movement, one of the key questions has always been “why”. Specifically, why is such a large segment of the population content to flatly ignore observable reality and conform to an emotionally based group think which justifies and enables ongoing and escalating carnage while pretending to humanist ideals.

Many different hypotheses have been fielded to explain the near total unwillingness of feminsts to engage in any kind of reasoned dialogue. Rather, an established and documented culture exists where all nonconforming thought is shouted down, villified and portrayed as sexist, racist along with every other condemned form of thought crime.

But how can the proponents of such tactics continue to see themselves as anything except an irrational mob.

The answer, or at least an important part of the answer may be that they are not modern thinkers. They are a present day tribe whose mode of thought echoes that of the the primitive, emotionally driven mob of the dark ages.

The details of gender ideology may be completely irrelevent, because these primitives are the post-modern. Which is to say, they are not modern thinkers born out of the enlightenment. They are primitives.

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