It’s Okay, Kia Abdullah Was Just Kidding

I have, for a long time; argued that feminism was a doctrine built on violence and hatred. It wasn’t just rhetoric – I believed it, and I still do. The evidence of this is so abundant that failure to grasp this point requires willful self delusion.

However, even with this understanding, the naked pronouncements of glee, by feminists over the deaths of men has taken my by surprise. One example of this is Kia Abdullah, who writes for the pro-feminist newspaper; the Guardian. Three British men killed in a bus crash precipitated the following comments made via twitter from Miss Abdullah;

“Is it really awful that I don’t feel sympathy for anyone killed on a gap year? […]
I actually smiled when I saw that they had double-barrelled surnames. Sociopathic?”

Abdullah’s remarks are not the only example of a proud contempt for human tragedy, they are simply a recent example.

After the gruesome political suicide of Thomas Ball, feminist ideologues openly mocked the decade of pain and abuse which drove him to self immolate. But even this triumphal crowing over a man’s burned corpse lacked the open sadism demonstrated by Abdullah’s recent commentary. And this is where I must admit confusion.

I may have missed a memo. I may have failed to observe the shift in zeitgeist in which public joy over the deaths of humans became acceptable, even desirable, rather than monstrous. As long as those killed happen to be male.

I am genuinely puzzled that a prominent feminist writer can make such a public confirmation of her ideology’s foundation in hatred and violence, without totally discrediting herself and discrediting feminism as a construct of hatred.

Since Abdullah’s remarks, she has subsequently published an apology. Whether this was driven by recognition of the character of her tweets mocking the deaths, or simply a covering action in response to public reaction to her mockery is unclear. Having read the published output of many other feminists, Abdullah’s claim that she was merely joking is a probable backpedal.

Whoops! The public isn’t quite ready to cheer for males being killed in random accidents, yet. But this still leaves us with the unfiltered malice, expressed in a public medium from a proponent of an ideology which claims to pursue the goal of social and legal equity between men and women.

At what point, as an adherent to this ideology, does an individual look in the mirror. Cheering and laughing about people being killed. Deliberate and cruel mockery of humans in such protracted pain that they chose the most gruesome of deaths by self immolation.

I refer to the dismissive and mocking tone of the mainstream media’s coverage of the political protest by suicide of Thomas Ball. This example and Kia Abdullah’s are not aberrations, they reflect the normal tone of mainstream social comment in our society. In a cultural climate of escalating misandry, the reaction against Abdullah wasn’t because she disparaged men who died, only because her comments amplified the existing hatred of men beyond the current palatable limit. From a context of subjective social acceptance, Abdullah merely tuned the dial up too fast. However, in doing so – she provided illumination of a fact most in the public are content to ignore – that feminism is the prevailing ideology in our society, and that it is a doctrine built on the foundations of violence and hatred.

No amount of backpedalling apology can disguise this from an alert observer, and although Abdullah has demonstrate herself a hateful bigot, she’s provided a service in outing herself, and her ideology founded on violence and hatred, so deserves thanks.

It is far past time for feminists to admit to themselves and the public that they are violent, hateful bigots. That’s probably pretty hard to swallow for self identified feminists, but it gets worse. Whether individuals admit it or not, our society is a feminist society. This becomes clear when we examine the funding of large feminist organizations like N.O.W., governments creating offices and departments to promote feminism, universities issuing degrees in feminist ideology of women’s or gender studies, et cetera. – unless individuals take an oppositional position, we are all feminists. And unless you yourself are a Mens Rights Activist, or some other flavor of libertarian, you are a feminist too.

Of course, feminists of the strongly self identifying flavor will not admit theirs is a doctrine of violence. In addition to being an ideology, it is a religious belief. The ideology is correct by it’s own definition.

To those who may not self identify as feminists – when will you cease to nod your head politely as you are told feminism is synonym for humanism. Will you smile agreeably when the corpse of your male relative is publicly ridiculed, and their death cheered?

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