Happy Birthday AVfM


A Voice for Men

It was one year ago today that AVfM made its official debut in the Manosphere.

By any measure I can think of it has been a resounding success. And by every indicator that I have at my disposal the next year will make the first pale in comparison.

It’s been a hell of a ride so far, often bringing me to the point of exhaustion and frustration, but never failing to provide ultimate satisfaction and a great sense pride in what is being accomplished here.

There are simply too many people to thank, and I don’t want to leave anyone out so please just accept my deepest appreciation for everyone who has supported the mission here. Some of you have turned into friends, and that has enriched my life as well as helping me to keep going.

I also have to say that the thanks are now extended from Manuel Dexter as well as from myself.  He has become the driving force behind much of what we are doing here, including the radio show and register-her.com. And a special nod to Keyster who works diligently to ensure that every broadcast of AVfM radio goes smoothly.

A couple of points of business here to catch things up on register-her.com.

There was a coding problem with the links, as people mentioned regarding the Jessica Valenti page.  That solution has been found and we are in the process of making corrections. You will see that the ones on Valenti’s page are now working.

MD is preparing the user submitted forms and they will be ready for the official launch in just a few days.  Once those are in place, and a few more details are worked out, we will be ready to go fully live and the first press release will be issued to over 30,000 media outlets.

Then we can all crack open a cold one and watch the fireworks.

AVfM radio has just completed four consecutive episodes so the upcoming week will be a bye for the program.

There is one other surprise on the way, but it is a “show you,” not a “tell you,” kind of thing. Suffice it to say there are more changes coming and I think most of you will like them very much. Alek Novy is involved, so you can count on good results.

Gents and ladies, here’s to the next year.

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