Selective silence: sports media mum on violent women

Ty Henry points out some glaring double standards in the coverage of the sports world when it comes to rape and female-perpetuated domestic violence… even against other women. Female athlete shoots at her female partner’s vehicle and beats on it with a bat? Mums the word! Henry puts out another another call to activism for the MRA community to end the silence.

Dragonslayer Schlafly kills the ERA

Phyllis Schlafly, the traditionalist who destroyed the Equal Rights Amendment[ERA], played right into feminist hands by paving the way for all manner of feminist hypocrisy to go unchallenged. Proof that being “anti-feminist” and “giving a damn about men” are not synonymous. And that this hydra has many, many heads.

So long, Arty Goldwag

Arthur Goldwag has decided to weigh in on the suicide of Earl Silverman. Predictably, he aimed to add insult to injury and attempted to malign Earl as much as he could. He failed, but he did force us to ask ourselves a question. Why do we bother with Arthur Goldwag at all.