Jason Gregory

Free Cock Is Not Oppression

The feminists at Jezebel.com (and we assume feminists elsewhere) have discovered a new form of oppression. It comes from men willing to demean themselves in any way imaginable in order to gain the approval of women. We suggest Jezebel treat new ideas kindly. They are in a strange place.

The past ain’t through with us

“Going Your Own Way” has for years been a slogan in the men’s movement for men who refuse to be defined by social convention or be told what to do. For some, it seems instead to have turned into a determinist fatalism. Jason Gregory analyzes fatalism and deliberation to determine if Going Your Own Way is even compatible with a fatalistic world view. [Illustration by Europa Phoenix.]

Naomi’s sweet honey-hole

Sometimes, men need to regain some perspective – back away from the fray, take some deep breaths, and re-center themselves around that one thing that matters most in all the universe – the vagina. The galactic spiral of cosmic creation positively drips with reverence for the goddess-mummy-lover, and a worthy Jason Gregory seeks to kiss the ring of power in all its divine, scientific glory-holiness. May the limp dicks abide forever. [Lines by Europa; Spot colour by Typhonblue]