John Birmingham's big, white dick

John Birmingham is ashamed for having a dick. At least that what he is saying over at the Birmingham, who describes himself as a “blunt instrument” (blush on cue, ladies) who “tells stories, most of them true,” sets out to prove that in spades, apparently after he read, get this, some unkind comments from “communters” on the internet!
Wow. He must have had to do a lot of research.
Anyway, it set him off on a rant, where he rage-wrote about how reading some YouTube comments made him ashamed to have a dick, and assumedly balls, a Y chromosome, facial hair, upper body strength and whatever level of testosterone might still be detected in his system after his completely stupid rant on men.

Go ahead, make my day!
Go ahead, make my day!

He even threw in the sideways hint that he gets how privileged he is because he has a pecker, and especially because it is of the Caucasian persuasion. Then he proceeds to insult everyone else on the planet that he suspects has a dick, mainly by implying that they don’t have one.
I don’t really get the logic. People, but only ones with dicks, are a problem. Those that have a problem are dickless.
I have to ask, Mr. Blunt, are white people who are a problem whiteless? Or is that blunt you like to reference the kind stuffed with purple kush?
Anyway, I decided to leave a comment to Birmingham’s typical little puddle of white knight vomitus, but was not at all sure it would be approved. I just had that feeling, you know? Then I remembered, “Hey, Paul, you do have this nifty little website!”
OK, so it is not a revelation that makes me near as smart as someone who can find rude assholes on YouTube, but I felt pretty smug just the same. I wanted to share it with you, and perhaps encourage a few of you to go share your thoughts with John Birmingham, who is a really nice human being, despite having a big, white dick.
Don’t apologize for having a dick. Don’t even apologize for being one.
Apologize for being a weak willed, candy-ass of a skirt chaser posing as a journalist.
Here is how it works, ladies. And how easy it is for you to be played like a cheap violin.
My Y is bigger and whiter than your Y!
My Y is bigger and whiter than your Y!

Male journalist sees what we have always been able to see on the internet. The results of what assumed anonymity can do to human behavior. With everyone from 5 years old and up able to comment on YouTube, you get every kind of imaginable moron in the world, some male, some female, making all sorts of comments, some of them quite despicable.
Then you have two kinds of internet “writers” that exploit this for two different reasons. Feminists point to this and say, “See! See! Masculinity has to change! It’s the patriarchy! It’s hegemonic, phallocentric, linear thinking, oppressive evil masculinity on display! Pass out the white ribbons! Let’s all walk a mile in her shoes! Someone write me a damned check!”
Then there are the even less credible, similarly opportunistic sycophants like John Birmingham, who look at those comments, which again you would find being made in most kindergarten classes if the teacher left the room long enough, and who hawk a different, arguably more pathetic spin on the matter. They say, “Look at me ladies! I am a GOOD man! I am not like all the BAD, BAD men! See how special and sensitive I am? See how aware of all your ISSUES I am? Lord God Almighty, someone write me a damn check! Or in the absence of money, I will settle for some fawning female approval!”
Really, people. The internet is full of idiots. Don’t become one yourself by falling for this claptrap.
End of comment.
I probably should have added that the main thing that the feminists and the sycophants have in common is that somehow neither can see any of the female assholes that are right in there with the men. Well, maybe it is best I didn’t. No need to tax John any more than he already is.
It is really interesting to me, as a side note, to think about what is happening in the world of print media and the internet. First there was print media. They owned the world of news, opinion and disinformation, mainly because they were the only ones that had a voice. They could say what they wanted and no one else could say shit about it. Then the internet came along, and opened up the world to anyone with an opinion.
It took the mainstream print media down like Mike Tyson’s first 10 opponents.
You lookin’ at me, Communter?

So then the media started to wise up. They began moving their operations online, and establishing their presence there. But instead of figuring out that any bullshit they posted could and would be challenged by their own audience (and anyone else with a keyboard and the urge) they continue to inflict assholes like Birmingham on the world without considering the fact that he is full of shit.
Personally, I thank the god I don’t believe in every day for that. The internet, as long as it lasts, is the first true level media playing field, or at least as close as we will ever see.
It is nice to see that finally a guy like me, or anyone for that matter, has a shot at capturing the imagination of the public if they are willing to work hard at it. And it is nicer to see that rags like The Age still can’t quite get a grip on the new paradigm. It is dog eat dog out here, and I need all the help I can get.

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