Schwyzer bows out

Hugo Schwyzer, an iconic gender ideologue who is arguably representative of a good many men proudly flying that flag, has been caught with his pants down, again.

This time (there are oh-so-many times) the married father and Pasadena Community College professor was busted in a long distance affair with 27 year old Christina Parreira. Parreira, a recent dropout of the psychology program at Hartford University, is also into sex worker activism using the name Christina Page. Additionally, she gets around webcam/amateur porn circles as Gabriela “Ela” Stone.

She got around Hugo Schwyzer in a digital dalliance that she eventually took public.

There is no real surprise here. Hugo has an illustrious history of doing everything he can to bend women over (especially his impressionable young students), when he is not claiming to be an advocate for them. One of his main pitches is to call out older men as “creepy” for being attracted to younger women, of course when he is not being an older man doing everything he can to fuck younger women.

His predilections for power and poontang are legendary. And the resultant problems from that are squarely of his own making. Despite the destruction his actions have visited on his public image, and the animus he has generated from his contemporaries, it seems the attention rush from having his wang front and center in the public view in the most humiliating and disgraceful way possible has always proven too tempting to resist.

This presents a dilemma. One, I don’t care who Schwyzer bangs. And I remain opposed to the practice of shaming men by playing gotcha with their sexuality, no matter who it is.

To be completely honest, for the first time I actually feel sympathy for this troubled soul. His unchecked sociopathy and childlike lack of governance over his base impulses have led him to a place few gender ideologues will ever go: To simultaneous personal and professional destruction.

Schwyzer has just shit-canned his life. That he has it coming does not even give me a hint of schadenfreude. Well, more honestly, it didn’t for more than a moment.

The temptation here is to post the images of Schwyzer’s message exchanges with Parreira, and to his other communications with her, which include images of him masturbating. I’d rather spare you things you can’t unsee, and him another reminder of things he can’t undo. For those with the interest, it can all be viewed here. (NSFW)

What is most telling in this story, as is always the case with Schwyzer, is not what he shows intentionally, but the things that come out of his mouth which reveal much more about his character and his personality than he would ever want you to know. But he just can’t help it. He never could.

It starts with him making offhanded, casual statements to Parreira, like, “I’m off to my next bakery then picking up my daughter. Just know I am hard for you.”

Call me crazy, even prudish if you will, but I find this combination of statements troubling. Discussing your erections with the woman you are cheating on your wife with while talking about your daughter, well, it does seem kind of “creepy,” though I am not so fond of that adjective, even for men like Schwyzer.

Still more troubling were the tidbits from his interview with The Cut. When they queried about his immediate plans, he responded that he was going to “Work on getting mentally healthy. I need to get my meds right. Second, I need to get my marriage right. There’s some bad shit that went down. I had an affair, which is very off-brand for me.”

Off-brand? While I really don’t want to rush headlong into reading too much into that expression, it strikes me as particularly meaningful given what we already know about Schwyzer’s personality and history.

One, sexual impropriety is hardly an unusual event in his life. Indeed, it is more his “brand” than not.  He’s been very public about the fact that having sex with women he should not be having sex with is something he does without remorse or reflection. His chief regrets, even about having sex with his students, have been getting caught and suffering consequences.

I take the reference to branding literally. I think Hugo has always seen himself more as a product, a particular brand of product, than a human being. I think it is possible, likely even, that what he was actually revealing was that he had committed bad PR, ultimately cutting his market value as a known feminist icon.

He had more to say to a follow-up question, seeking clarification on what he meant by “brand.”

“In that I’m supposed to be reformed,” he says. “The affair was with someone in the same circles you and I move in, so I have to protect her. But there is a lot of gossiping. It may reach you. Don’t be surprised.”

Make of that what you will, but to me this is the dialog of someone protecting a cultivated, commoditized image. Hugo Schwyzer, the now reformed womanizer who advocates for women, always first and foremost concerned about his marketability.

Does anyone think he would have “protected” that woman if she was not part of the club? Didn’t he just about say he wouldn’t?

I might be more generous with my interpretation were it not for Hugo’s history. In each of his previous catastrophes, which include having sex with several of his female students and a botched attempt to murder an ex-girlfriend, he has expressed little else but concern for his image and openly acknowledges his desire to avoid any consequences.

That is the Hugo Schwyzer we have all come to know. And at his age, it is likely not going change.

In the truest sense, this post is not about Schwyzer’s dick, though if Schwyzer reads it, it will mark its place as one of the few things in his life so distinguished. What it is about is how his being a tragic example fully illustrates much of what you can read on this site, in articles and comments, on the psyche of extremist feminist ideologues who happen to be male.

When all is said and done, it is about primacy with women, which is to say it is all about themselves.

You can file 13 all the obsequious drivel and ostentatious rhetoric about the struggles of women. The only struggle most of these men are genuinely concerned with is the struggle for the power gained through women’s approval.

If that approval is expressed sexually, all the better. David Futrelle is little more than an unattractive Hugo Schwyzer with fewer opportunities to turn his pandering into panty-time. At the core, and I truly believe this, they are virtually the same man.

I don’t have any ill wishes for Schwyzer. And I really hope that he does not do anything even more self-destructive. Recent events in the MHRM drive home the cold reality that this realm can take lives. In a circumstance like this I don’t see Schwyzer having an exemption card.

It does not take a rocket scientist to see that Hugo is a deeply troubled man in a very stressful and painful situation. Even if his pain is over the loss of image instead of the harm inflicted on those who love him, it is still pain.

I am personally glad he has decided to bow out of public life. He was in it for the wrong reasons, which I believe is true of his peers. And with no intent to worsen his pain, I know the world is better off with one less active hypocrite creating fear and distrust for a living.

I hope whatever path he takes to rebuilding his life, it will include his children being more than a mention in a sexting message. They probably need him now more than they ever have.

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